St Peter

Lyrics: Brian Lesh
Music: Brian Lesh

Played by Brian Lesh with Phil Lesh and the Terrapin Family Band in June 2013.

I took a ride on a rumbling brightly running down the streets of Ivanhoe
And bullets roamed beside me flying down dark and desperate roads
Say that brothers I had a-plenty, well at least in the early days
But now the night's been set on fire watching my brothers fly away

Well I grabbed myself a bayonet and I glanced outside the door
I couldn't see nothing there but rubble, I swear, and death-collected bones
Well I ran away from that city, placing my last bet with the sun
Then I made it to the country, and my running legs were done

Well I was found by a beautiful stranger, and her hair was black as night
And the howling rain came pouring down, she held me as I cried
She was stashed away on a little farm, that was hidden by the trees
Oh my love, she said, and I confessed, with her I did agree

She had two brothers in the army, well and one more flew a plane
And they were coming home to see her now, it's time I went away
Well they'll kill us sure as sure can be, I love you but it's so
Oh but leaving you love would kill me just as easily, I know

Well I was twenty five feet from her front door when I heard the pitol shot
She had told her brothers everything, and mercy they had not
Well I will meet you now in heaven, love, but you must understand
That St Peter will not let me in with blood upon my hands
Oh St Peter will not let me in with blood upon my hands


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