Ride Ride Ride

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Rob Barraco, Phil Lesh

A Hunter/Barraco track on The Dragonflys CD

Like a poor wayfaring stranger
With nothing to his name
But last night's stolen paper
To set the world aflame
My overcoat is broken
My socks don't match my feet
Just got one subway token
Between me and the street

Meanwhile I'll ride
Uptown, downtown, crosstown
Wherever the train rolls
That's where I'll go
The world may change
By the time I get outside
And maybe it won't
Ride, ride, ride

Like a Lonestar Texas Ranger
You may not see my face
It ain't because I hide it
It's only been misplaced
Action is my watchword
I wear it on my wrist
I'm just looking to fill a space
Where I will not be missed

Like a hound out on a blood trail
A needle in the straw
I been searching for a white sail
Until my eyes are raw
Rise and fall on hope alone
The waves don't signify
One ring on your telephone
To say I didn't die

Like youth with all its appetite
Like old age blind on trust
Like a rainstorm overnight
That blows away the dust
Valentines are valentines
A heart is what I crave
Not a bunch of highway signs
Pointing to the grave

Like magic done in moonlight
A rabbit from a hat
Like knowledge gained by second sight
That strokes a well fed cat
Pictures of my past fly by
Like petals from a cloud
There's just time to wonder why
And vanish in the crowd

Ten thousand years from Saturday
The sun will cast its light
On forest green and oceans
Serenely clean and bright
Either we will learn to love
Or pack and go our way
Leaving only monuments
To mark our desperate day
     Date Album Recorded By
     2005 When We All Come Home The Dragonflys

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For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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