The Pits Of Thunder

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Anton, Fierro, Kimock, Murphy, Roland, Vega

A Zero song, also performed by Robert Hunter solo.

You can do the splits in New York City
Till the street scene robs you blind
Come back home to San Francisco
And try to reclaim your mind
Get drunk in San Diego
On a fifth of Dago red
Find a blanket under the freeway
To rest your aching head (note 1)
You can go down to Mexico
In a red and white Chevrolet
Come back home on a bolt of thunder
If they tow your wheels away

What do you want for all you've got?
What will you take for what you are?
Times are rough and it's no wonder
Looking for love in the pits of thunder

Down in the valley of grease blue lightning
Under a flame-out sun
Dance with the bag man's black-eyed daughter
On the head of a conga drum
Here in the breech-born pits of thunder
Land of the Morning Star
Here in the circle once unbroken
You find out who you are
A loaf of bread beneath a bough
Unfolding from a mustard seed
Pepper in the soup and a kiss in the cup
You are all I need


Here in the morning of a new-born day
A street sweep on your heels
Walking in the gutter where dead men pray
And the bell of judgment peals
Find hope in a cup of coffee
And a day-old jelly roll
Duck on out of the pits of thunder
For a heartbeat of your soul
You can find love if you care to look
Where others would look away
Here in the whirlwind pits of thunder
Where the hounds of Heaven bay

     Date Album Recorded By
     1997 Zero Zero (note 2)
     2002 Double Zero Zero

(1) Zero sing "To rest your weary head"
(2) Titled "Pits O' Thunder"

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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