Night Of The Vampire

Lyrics: Melton et al?
Music: Mickey Hart et al?

A song recorded by Mickey Hart and others as part of the Area Code 415 sessions in the early 1970s. I think it's "sung" by Barry Melton.

Late in the fall, a cold wind was rising
And the doctor was drunk on his very own poison
Nothing new, nor very old
The wind in the gallows was the tale that we told

Midnight I came here, want you to know
Doctor was waiting, it was forty below
Jumped in the saddle, horse blew away
On the wind that caught in [?] Chesapeake Bay

Vampire, vampires, vampire
Night of the vampire

The vampire's also really smart
Excuse me, I wish to make a withdrawal from your blood bank
More wolfbane, Doctor [Vanhelfinger]?
You see, mirrors displease me

He casts
Rampfield, Rampfield, my name is Rampfield
Master, master, more rats, more rats

You drive a stake in his heart
While he's lying in his coffin in the daytime
When he's been ... [fades]
     Date Album Recorded By
     1972-73 Area Code 415 Mickey Hart and the Marin County Collective (unreleased)


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