Muli Guli

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Bob Weir, Phil Lesh

A new Hunter song played by Furthur. This is a first shot at the lyrics any help gratefully received.

[Phil Lesh]
Hop on the west wing, ride by night
Land of the setting sun so wide
Where the free wind drives fast and high
Like a song so sweet it makes you want to cry

Born on a Monday, break of dawn
I stand at your window, with my feathers on
Pickin' my banjo, beat my drum
Announcing the end of the world has come

Chorus - all
Muli Guli, can it really be good
Dead and buried but what care I?
[?] billowing up from the sky
Do I fall, make the soul run dry

[Bob Weir]
Drink all night from an endless cup
Got to sit down, 'cause I can't stand up
Every rock and roll than I ride
Day I was born till the day that I die

I'd rather have you by my side
Over that river, deep and wide
Since that choice ain't mine to make
Stay by your side till you're awake


[Phil Lesh]
Certain stars come out at midnight
Others stay away at dawn
Other stars shine in the moonlight
Sometimes you can hear their song

[John Kadlecik]
Fond of life as I once was
Don't know why, but just because
Alternatives, too unknown
To be lightly taken on my own

Half past noon when the sun sinks low
Territory of the buffalo
As animals wait wait, life's aglow
Round a roaring fire of burning coal




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