Love Is A Mystery

Lyrics: Barry Melton
Music: Barry Melton

A song by Barry Melton on Country Joe & The Fish's album "Reunion". It also circulates with the Mickey Hart/Barry Melton recordings Area Code 415 and Fire On The Mountain, and seems to have been played/recorded at the same sessions as those.

What are you doing to my heart
Can't understand, doing all that I can
Can't you see me through
Don't you know that I still love you

The world is made for lovers
Love is a mystery
Can fill your heart with happiness
Or leave you in misery

Why are you saying these things to me
Been in this place before, can't take the pain anymore
Is this some kind of game you're playing
Or do you really mean what you're saying


Won't you give me just one more chance
Let me prove my love for you
Before we quit and say we're through
All that I ask is give it a try
Give it a chance and so will I

     Date Album Recorded By
     1977-73 Reunion Country Joe And The Fish


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