Just Another Train

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Robert Hunter

Just another train
Just another track
Just another lover
who won't be back

Just another lover
leaving in the night
One more affair that
didn't work out right

Just another pity
Just another shame
Just another alibi
Like more of the same

Just another case
of the hard-luck tale
Like as not it
all ends in jail

I don't want to hear it
I don't want to know
I know that story
from long ago

Don't need to hear it
I've heard it enough
another girl crying
It's the same old stuff

Back in Sioux City twenty yers ago
Papa left Mama, whoah didn't he, though?
Seven years later, give or take four
He showed up again at Mama's front door

Mama, kind woman, took him by the hand
Said: Sit yourself down upon the new divan
Good gracious, you look like a different man
There's a couple of things you got to understand

This is your namesake, he's eight years old
Here's little Lily, now hasn't she growed?
Here's another one you haven't yet met
who belongs to my husband, now you better get

Catch another train, burn up another track
This is one of those places you can't come back
Just another train - just another track
Now just get rolling - and don't come back


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