Just Passin' Through

Lyrics: John Perry Barlow
Music: Bill Nershi

A song John Perry Barlow wrote with String Cheese Incident.

Well, one of these days I'm sure to wake up dead
No one gets out alive, I've heard it said
I'll reach to the sky and find a hole in the middle
Or look straight down and see Hell's hot griddle
Leapin' the moon with a hey, diddle, diddle

Just passin' through
Just passin' through
And there ain't a damned thing about it you can do

It's a sweet, short ride through a beautiful place
If ya can't dig it, it's a real disgrace
It's a miracle and it's commonplace, and hey
It's gonna happen anyway

Precious Dear, take a good close look at me
You never know if it's the last time you will see
This transitory piece of celestial matter
This little ol' morsel of God's sweet batter
I once was former. I'll soon be latter


Well, it seems to me that a bad rap's laid on death
As though you're weak to breath your own last breath
Well, it ain't as if I don't really love livin'
Not a little bit sick of the taking and the giving
But when I go, it'll all be forgiven

     Date Album Recorded By
     2003 Untying The Not String Cheese Incident
     2005 Too Many Years Various Artists (String Cheese Incident) (note 1)

(1) benefit CD for Clear Path International
(2) also included on various String Cheese Incident "On The Road" CDs


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