Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Greg Anton, Steve Kimock

One of the lyrics Robert Hunter wrote for Zero.

Horses in the fire
Hoofbeats in the flame
Horses of desire
Blood and bone and brain

Horses of opinion
Horses of the glare
The gelding and the stallion
Yearling and the mare

Horses in the flood
Raging to the sky
Fire and bone and blood
Baby don't you cry

Chorus 1
Horse on the highway
Swift and thoroughbred
Dominate the right-of-way
Clouds roll low and red
Horses in the cloud
Horses of the sun
Electrical and loud
Smoking like a gun

Horse of the morning
Blazing in the light
Visions of the left wing
Bold against the night

Horses in the quicksand
They sink without a sound
Seeking for the promised land
Instead of higher ground

Take these spurs of silver
Ride the bare-back mare
Right up Jacob's ladder
Higher if you dare

[chorus 1]

Chorus 2
You got the horses in line
You got the spark and you got the shine
You got the power to misunderstand
You got the horses in line
You got the spark and you got to shine
Brush away truth with the back of your hand

Shoulda been a pearl gray
Evening Summer sky
Where eagles carry you away
Wherever eagles fly

Horses in the lightning
Dappled white and brown
Horses of the right wing
Horses of the Crown

Horses on the edges of
A vision going blind
Horses on the ledges of
The canyons of my mind

[chorus 1]

[chorus 2]
     Date Album Recorded By
     1994 Chance In A Million Zero

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