Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Jerry Garcia

Played regularly by the Jerry Garcia Band from its introduction in 1977.

Just a song of Gomorrah
I wonder what they did there
Must have been a bad thing
to get shot down for

I wonder how they blew it up
or if they tore it down
Get out, get out, Mr Lot
and don't you look around

Who gave you your orders?
Someone from the sky
I heard a voice inside my head
in the desert wind so dry

I heard a voice telling me to flee
The very same voice I always believe
Said: a lot of trouble coming
but it don't have to come to you
I'm sparing you so you can tell
the rest what you been through

But don't you turn around, no
Don't look after you
It's not your business how it's done
You're lucky to get through

You're a good upstanding man
A credit to the flock
But if you don't face straight ahead
You could not stand the shock

Blew the city off the map
Left nothing there but fire
The wife of Lot got turned to salt
because she looked behind her

Because she looked behind
Because she looked behind
Jerry Garcia Recordings
     Date Album Recorded By
     30 Jul 1977 Pure Jerry 1: Theater 1839 Jerry Garcia Band
     studio 1978 Cats Under The Stars Jerry Garcia Band
     18 Mar 1978 Pure Jerry 6: Warner Theatre Jerry Garcia Band
     22 Mar 1978 Garcia Live Volume 4 Jerry Garcia Band
     18 Jun 1978 San Francisco Bay Area 1978 Jerry Garcia Band
     29 Aug 1987 Electric On The Eel Jerry Garcia Band
     28 Oct 1987 On Broadway: Act One Jerry Garcia Band
     31 Oct 1987 Pure Jerry 2: Lunt-Fontanne Jerry Garcia Band
      5 Sep 1989 Fall 1989: The Long Island Sound Jerry Garcia Band
      7 Aug 1990 How Sweet It Is Jerry Garcia Band
Other Recordings
     Date Album Recorded By
     10 Jul 1980 Heart Of Gold Band Heart Of Gold Band
     2000 Cookin' At The Wow Hall (live) Gregg's Eggs
     2001 Pickin' On Jerry Garcia David West et al
     2001 Gregg's Eggs Gregg's Eggs
     2005 Jerry Jams, Jerry Cares Stir Fried
     2011 Live At The 2011 Wanee Music Festival Melvin Seals and JGB
     2015 Twangin' The Dead Matt Rae
     2018 Garcia Songbook Joe Craven & The Sometimers
     2020 Spirit The Garcia Project
(1) also on the compilation The Best Of Jerry Garcia

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography
For online chords and TAB see www.rukind.com
For sheet music, see:
          Jerry Garcia Songbook (vocal line and chords)
          Garcia/Hunter Songbook (vocal line and chords/TAB)


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