George Buck's Choice

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Robert Hunter

Recorded by Robert Hunter for an unreleased album. Often listed as "Who'll Be Left To Sing This Song" but Robert Hunter registered a song titled "George Buck's Choice" in 1973 which looks as if it must be this one.

Robert Hunter also sang a fragment of this on 2 March 1997 ("George Buck is dead and gone, left me here to sing this song") - see Buckdancer's Choice.
It's interesting to note that Leadbelly sang a song with the lines "Old Howard he is dead and gone; left me here to sing this song.

Calm my roving, carve my pine
Say farewell to the hitching line
Comes a time to lay me down
First I'm going to sing this song

Hey buckdancers, shout and sing
Make the halls and rafters ring
When old George Buck is dead and gone
Who'll be left to sing this song

Who'll be left to play guitar
Who'll be round to break your heart
Who's gonna fix it up once more
When I'm on that other shore


Whoop that I say and the cart won't go
How can I plough when the wheels don't roll
Broke-down rigging ain't fit to ride
Do my pound in the bye and bye


Play to the centre and back to the bar
Bust through the middle with a right-hand star
Promenade your lady home
George Buck is come and gone


Birdie in the cage and seven hands round
Buck and wing bird all night long
Promenade your lady home
Georgie Buck has been and gone

     Date Album Recorded By
     1973 Untitled Robert Hunter


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