Gallop On The Run

Lyrics: Bob Weir, Josh Ritter, Josh Kaufman
Music: Bob Weir, Josh Ritter, Josh Kaufman

A track from Bob Weir's new album Blue Mountain..

The sand and the sun
Her gallop on the run
A monument in film
She'd not quite yet become

Now I'm almost out of time
Without her by my side
Yes it's sad, I'll be alright
Still I'm missing her tonight

The moon on the trail
And her forehead blazed so fair
She rescued me from jail
Outrun that sheriff's mare

Climb the ridge like they were stairs
The wind all in her hair
Switchback down the other side
Plenty time for us to hide

Oh I miss her, do I now
Found work up here punching cows
In a valley wide with grass
Living free from my past
Bob Weir Recordings
     Date Album
     2016 Blue Mountain 


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