Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Robert Hunter

I sent you ribbons and I sent you rubies
And I sent you gold from Bengal Bay
Sent a man to run and deliver
And another to fetch and carry for you

I sent silver buckets to carry your water
I sent you a bucket of blood from the slaughter (note 1)
I sent to know your turn of mind
Does it turn away or come around to me?

I find no pleasure, she said
So I want no pleasure
Go make my bed
Fill my pitcher with water
My pillow with straw
Elijah's gone and
I'd soon as not be dead

Still I thank thee, Lord (note 2)
For the wonderful things
Full measure of which
No man can see
For the soup and the saddle
The boots and the bridle
And the Devil's own company
(1) the lyrics in Box Of Rain are "I set you a bucket ..." but I presume that's a misprint.
(2) this verse features in one of Tim Truman's Comix.

     Date Album Recorded By
     1973 Untitled Robert Hunter


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