Dirty Business

Lyrics: John Dawson
Music: John Dawson

Well the marshall came to town
And his hat was pulled way down
He looked like he had business on his mind
He didn't stop to say
He just rode along his way
Until he stopped in at the office of the mine

Dirty business
Dirty business
Dirty business down in Coal Creek
Dirty Business down in Coal Creek
This morning

Well I make two bucks a day
That ain't a healthy pay
My kids are just beginning to get sick
There's talk been going 'round
How their gonna shut it down
If the man don't come and fix things pretty quick


Pretty soon there was a crowd
It was getting pretty loud
And the men all said they'd be no work today
But the owner wouldn't budge
He just set there like a judge
And he wouldn't give a nickel more in pay


Just then they heard a sound
That rumbled from the ground
And everyone went rushing for the door
The dust came pouring out
It finally left no doubt
The mine was not an issue any more

New Riders Recordings
     Date Album
     28 Feb 1971 Setlist: The Very Best Of New Riders Of The Purple Sage Live
      Sep 1971 Vintage NRPS
     30 Oct 1971 Glendale Train
      1971 New Riders Of The Purple Sage
     26 May 1972 Lyceum '72
      4 Apr 1973 Worcester, MA
     13 Jun 1975 Armadillo World HQ
     30 Jul 2006 Where I Come From: Radio Mixes and Live Bonus
     31 Dec 2006 Live: New Year's Eve

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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