Could You Drive Forever

Lyrics: Peter Monk
Music: Barry Melton

A song from Barry Melton's album "The Fish". It also circulates with the Mickey Hart recordings Area Code 415 and Fire On The Mountain, and seems to have been played/recorded at the same sessions as those.

Could you drive forever, state of mind you're in right now
Could you keep your voice below a scream
Could you change the channel, stuck right here forever
Looking at your backroom lonesome dream

Could you place the visions that awake unfinished angels
Working at their junk trips in the fire
Can you dig the weather that's suspending through our cities
Could you dig to see the flames get higher

Would you tear it all apart and re-arrange the prisons
Would you change the scenery in yourself
Could you drive forever, the state of mind you're in right now
Drifting kind of [coatly] in the hell

Could you get your life out of all the changes we're in
Ringing at the church without a chance
Knowing you can get through, no promise in your shroud
All you got inside you at the end

Could you drive forever
Could you drive forever
     Date Album Recorded By
     1972-73 The Fish Barry Melton


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