Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Bob Weir

Played by Bob Weir with the Dead, with Ratdog and with The Other Ones.

Hog of a Sunday
Dog of a Monday
Get it back someday
What'd I say?
Moving in closer (note 1)
Cut from a long shot
Fade on a downbeat
Ready or not, ready or not

Chorus (note 2)
Corrina, shake it up baby
Corrina, shake it up now
Corrina, Corrina

Cruise through a stop sign
Logging up short time
Bird on a phone line
Soaking up the sun
Salt on the crow tail
What can I do?
I'm down by law
But I'm true to you, true to you


If, what, when and where and how (note3)
Told at the proper time
Big black wings beat on the wind
But they don't hardly climb
There's a silver ocean
Silver clouds on a silver sea
A bird on the horizon
Silver winging back to me


Wake it up baby
Shake it down easy
Bring it in closer (note 4)
What'd I say
Moving in closer
Cut from a long shot
Fade on a down beat
Ready or not


Corrina, wake it up baby
Corrina, shake it down easy
Corrina, shake it on up now
Corrina, shake it back down


If, what, where and how
Don't mean a thing to me
I would love you even if
You flew away from me
I'll just stand here waiting
On the far side of the sea
There is no fear that lovers born (note 5)
Can ever fail to meet

(1) On "The Other Ones" Weir sings "Bring it in closer"
(2) In Hunter's "Box Of Rain" the chorus is introduced before the first verse, and with slightly different lyrics:
Corrina, wake it up baby
Corrina, shake it on down
Corrina, Corrina
(3) In "Box Of Rain", the line is "If, what, where and when"
(4) In "Box Of Rain", the line is "Bring it back someday"
(5) Hunter adds a footnote in "Box Of Rain":
"The careful reader will notice that the last two verse lines of Corrina have been lifted from Leaving Terrapin. That's because I wanted to hear them sung and had long since despaired of the Dead doing any of the new Terrapin material. So when Bob Weir requested an immediate additional bridge for Corrina during rehearsal, the lines suggested themselves."

Grateful Dead Recordings
     27 Mar 1993 30 Trips Around The Sun
     26 May 1993 Road Trips Vol 2, No 4
     14 Oct 1994 Ready Or Not
     23 Mar 1995 30 Days Of The Dead (2013)
Bob Weir Recordings
     Date Album Recorded By
     25 Jul 1998 The Strange Remain The Other Ones
     Sep 2000 Evening Moods Ratdog
     25 Apr 2001 Live At The Roseland Ratdog
Other Recordings
     Date Album Recorded By
     1998 Live, Vol 1 Joe Gallant & Illuminati

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