Billboard Dreams

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Robert Hunter/Scarekrow

A lyric in 'Box of Rain', never performed by Hunter so far as I know. But performed by Scarekrow and Delacey.

Saw this skinny readhead
On a corner in L.A.
Asked her for the time
If not the minute, then the day
She looked a little cautious
But she didn't run away
That's as close to romance
As I'm looking for today

Billboard dreams
Stuck in the middle of
Billboard dreams
Struck by the riddle of
Billboard dreams
I'm still cryin' for you-oooo

Asked her for a cigarette
And could she spare a light
She said she didn't smoke
Because mama raised her right
She didn't drink or gamble
Or run around at night
Didn't have a fellow
She don't even like to fight


Came to the conclusion
There must be something wrong
Either she's a liar or
I'm living in a song
Invited her to dinner
She said: let it be my treat
That's when I lost my appetite
And crumpled in defeat


Told her I was desperate
I was running from the law
She said I'll give you shelter
Come home and meet my ma
I tried to edge away
But there was traffic in the street
Knocked me for a somersault
I landed at her feet


I believe that will is free
That fate is in your pants
Nothing written in the stars
It's all a game of chance
Tell it to the jury
'Cause the judge is on parole
Tell it in a hurry
'Cause we really got to roll



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