Big Six

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: David Nelson

A new New Riders song, introduced in 2008.

With my heart in my hat and my head in my pants
I go down, down, down to the dance
I go round, round, bow and retire
Sit down with a good book in front of the fire

Big six, big six, tell us who, where and when
Before we forget it, tell us again
How to charm women who don't want to know
And how to have music wherever we go

Tell us another time just to be sure
It's straight from the heart not a pile of manure
About loving your brother, then picking him clean
Of his last dollar bill, if you know what I mean

Big six, big six, tell us who, where and why
Some folks born to live, and some others to die
Tell us whatever you think we should know
Because we're ready to follow wherever you go

Teach us to talk right, to do right, and then
How to walk in like children and walk out like men
So it's not just in one ear and out of the other
How fear is one killer, how love is another

Big six, big six, tell us who, where and what
The devil was dealing when you sidled up
And bought out a hand that was planning to fold
Then walked out the door with a sack full of gold

When I was hungry and sick without home
Walking pneumonia and sadly I roam
One thing I learned that I'll never forget
The difference between a bad loan and a debt

Big six, big six, tell us who was in charge
When they posted your warning in letters so large
Said, this man is a caution that all should avoid
If you don't want all of your illusions destroyed
New Riders Recordings
     Date Album
     2009 Where I Come From

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For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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