Where I Come From: Radio Mixes & Live Bonus

A promo CD, sold with early copies of Where I Come From
Where I Come From    (note 1)
Barracuda Moon    (note 1)
Higher    (note 1)
Pour House Jelly 18 Sep 2007  (note 2)
Let It Grow 30 Sep 2006
Louisiana Lady 30 Jul 2006  (note 3)
Peggy-O 30 Jul 2006  (note 3)
Truck Driving Mama 30 Jul 2006  (note 3)
Dirty Business 30 Jul 2006  (note 3)
(1) Radio mixes
(2) an instrumental jam with Professor Louie recorded at a soundcheck
(3) from the same show as the tracks on Live At Turkey Trot. These tracks were left off that release for reasons of space.


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