The Adventures Of Panama Red

1973 CBS


John Dawson: guitar, vocals
David Nelson: guitar, vocals
Dave Torbert: bass, guitar, vocals
Buddy Cage: pedal steel guitar
Spencer Dryden: drums, percussion

Additional musicians

Donna Godchaux: vocals
Norbert Putnam: bass
Buffy Sainte-Marie: vocals
Memphis Horns (arr Norbert Putnam)


Title Author Additional musicians
Panama Red (Rowan)
It's Alright With Me (Torbert)
Lonesome LA Cowboy (Rowan)
Importin' Exportin' Man (T Hovey, D Torbert) [Godchaux]
One Too Many Stories (Dawson)
Kick In The Head (Hunter)
You Should Have Seen Me Running (Dawson) [Sainte-Marie]
Teardrops In My Eyes (Allen, Sutton)
L.A. Lady (Seals, Goodman, Jennings) [Godchaux]
Thank The Day (Torbert) [Putnam]
Cement, Clay And Glass (Dryden, Nelson) [Sainte-Marie]


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