Oh, What A Mighty Time

1975 CBS


John Dawson: guitar, vocals, autoharp, mouth harp, percussion
David Nelson: guitar, vocals, percussion
Buddy Cage: pedal steel guitar, vocals
Spencer Dryden: drums, percussion, vocals
Skip Battin: bass, vocals, percussion

Additional musicians

Jerry Garcia: guitar
Sly Stone: organ, piano
Jeff Narell: steel drum
Ray Park: fiddle
Pepper Watkins: vocals (A)
Bootche Anderson: vocals (A)
Marilyn Scott: vocals (A)
St Beulah's Church Choir (B)
Glide Memorial Church Choir (B)
Pattie Santos Cockrell: vocals (C)
Pena Blanca: vocals (C)
Lucha Cardenas: vocals (C)
The Senator: vocals (C)
Andrea Ahlgren: vocals (C)


Title Author Additional musicians
Mighty Time (Nix) [Garcia, Stone, (B) - vocals]
I Heard You've Been Laying My Old Lady (Weir) [Garcia, (A) - vocals]
Strangers On A Train (Battin, Fowley) [(A) - vocals]
Up Against The Wall Redneck (Hubbard) [(A) - vocals]
Take A Letter Maria (Greaves) [Garcia, (A) - vocals]
Little Old Lady (Richard Wilbur)
On Top Of Old Smokey (Arr Wakefield)
Over And Over (Dawson) [Narell]
La Bamba (Valens) [(C) - vocals]
Going Round The Horn (Dawson, Wakefield) [(C) - vocals]
Farewell Angelina (Dylan)


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