Live (1982)

1995 WEA/Atlantic [Avenue/Rhino 71289]

Recorded on 21 September and 20 November 1982


John Dawson - acoustic guitar, vocals
Rusty Gautier - electric guitar, lap steel, violin, vocals
Allen Kemp - electric guitr, vocals
Billy Wolf - guitar, bass
Val Fuentes - drums


Title Author
Henry (Dawson)
The Way She Dances (Dawson, Kemp)
Tell Me (Kemp)
Crazy Little Girl (Dawson, Kemp)
Saralyn (Dawson)
Panama Red (Rowan)
No Other Love (Dawson, Kemp)
Can't Judge A Book (McDaniels)
Rainbow (Dawson)
I Don't Know You (Dawson
Dead Flowers (Jagger, Richard)


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