Dawn Of The New Riders Of The Purple Sage

A release from the Owsley Stanley ('Bear') Foundation of recordings from the earliest days of the New Riders.
Chapter 1 - August 1, 1969, Bear's Lair, Berkeley, California (Set 2)
CD 1
Six Days On The Road 
What's Made Milwaukee Famous 
I've Got A Tiger By The Tail 
Don't Take Any Chances 
Bonus Tracks from Set 1
Garden Of Eden 
Hello Trouble 
Last Lonely Eagle 
Whatcha Gonna Do 
CD 2
Zebra Dun 
Jerry Explains His Instrument
Sweet Lovin' One 
Fair Chance To Know 
Long Black Limousine 
All I Ever Wanted 
Truck Drivin' Man 
The Lady Came From Baltimore 
Games People Play 
Introducing the "Murdering Punks"
To Have the Hurting End 
I Am Your Man 
Chapter 2 - August 28, 1969, The Family Dog at the Great Highway, San Francisco, California
CD 3
Six Days On The Road 
I Am Your Man 
Last Lonely Eagle 
Whatcha Gonna Do 
Introducing the Famous Bobby Ace
Mama Tried   (with Bob Weir)
Cathy's Clown   (with Bob Weir)
Old, Old House   (with Bob Weir)
Me And My Uncle   (with Bob Weir)
Seasons of My Heart   (with Bob Weir)
Slewfoot   (with Bob Weir)
Bonus Tracks Date      
To Have the Hurting End 29 Aug 1969
Games People Play 29 Aug 1969
Superman 30 Aug 1969
Saw Mill 30 Aug 1969 (with Bob Weir)
Chapter 3 - October 14, 1969, Mandrake's, Berkeley, California
CD 4
Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line 
Fair Chance To Know 
Mama Tried 
I Still Miss Someone 
The Weight 
Bonus Tracks Date      
Garden Of Eden 15 Oct 1969
Long Black Veil 15 Oct 1969 (with Will Scarlett)
Death and Destruction 15 Oct 1969 (with Will Scarlett)
Chapter 4 - June 4, 1970, Fillmore West, San Francisco, California
CD 5
Fair Chance To Know 
The Race Is On   (with Bob Weir)
Mama Tried   (with Bob Weir)
Honky Tonk Women   (with Bob Weir)
Bonus Tracks Date      
I Don't Know You 5 Jun 1969
Superman 5 Jun 1969
If you Hear Me When I'm Leaving 5 Jun 1969
Louisiana Lady 5 Jun 1969
The Weight 5 Jun 1969
Portland Women 7 Jun 2969


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