Brent Mydland Solo Projects

Mydland compositions (excluding those with Grateful Dead)

Songs with Silver
Musician (Not An Easy Life)
So Much For The Past
Miscellaneous songs with John Perry Barlow
It Doesn't Matter
It Is What It Is
Love Doesn't Have To Be Pretty
You're Still There
With Matt Kelly
Over And Over
Songs recorded for an unreleased solo album

According to Ihor Slabicky's discography:
Mydland recorded and mastered a solo album, but it was never released. Intended for this album were "Tons Of Steel", with Monty Byron on guitar, "Maybe You Know", "Nobody's", "Long Way To Go", and "Dreams".
There was also an article in Relix in 2015 about this album

Jim Powell kindly sent me a tape of this. It includes the following tracks (other than those played with the Dead)
Copyrighted title Title On Tape Lists
Inlay It In Your Heart Lay It In Your Heart
Dreams Dreams Of Every Lover
Nobody's Nobody's
See The Other Side Guide Me
Long Way To Go Hold It
Take One Steal Away
(1) Brent also sang background vocals with two other members of Silver (John Batdorf and Greg Coller) on "Crazy River" and "Dreams Of Mexico" on Eric Andersen's 1975 record "Sweet Surprise." These tracks are not on the compilation "Eric Andersen: Collection" that includes five other tracks from that album.

The Library of Congress lists several more Brent solo compositions, none of which circulate so far as I know:
Title Date Application Title
Cloudy Day 1978 Catching The Wind
I Got All Night Long 1981 The Night Is Young
Only Just A Girl 1981 Love Me
Fire 1987 

Find songs played by Brent with bands outside the Grateful Dead
This lists songs played with Go Ahead, Kokomo, Silver or solo. I haven't included songs with the Bob Weir Band, where Brent was essentially just backing Bob Weir: for those, see the separate Bob Weir section.

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