Planet Drum

A Mickey Hart album released in 1991, as a companion to his book, also called "Planet Drum"
Udu Chant 
Island Groove 
Light Over Shadow 
Dance Of The Hunter's Fire 
Jewe "You Are The One" 
The Hunt 
Temple Caves 
The Dancing Sorcerer 
Lost River 
Evening Samba 
Iyanu "Surprises" 
Mysterious Island 
A 25th anniversay addition was released in December 2016, with three additional tracks:
Sea Of Showers 
Throat Games 
The Spot 
The announcement says the tracks have:
"additional arrangement and composition by longtime collaborator Zakir Hussain. "Sea of Showers" features Flora Purim and Babatunde Olatunji singing over a rhythm base that includes sounds ranging from a bullroarer to chimes. "Throat Games" is an all-globe scat-a-thon and "The Spot" is a sonic homage to the water gods."


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