A Merl Saunders album released in 1997, but consisting mostly of tracks from the mid 1970s. Jerry Garcia plays on most of the tracks.
Mystery Train 12 Jan 1974
That's Alright (Who's Loving You Tonight) 12 Jan 1974
I Was Made To Love Her Jul 1973
Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You 12 Jan 1974
Iron Horse 1971 [without Garcia]
A Little Bit Of Righteousness 1971 [without Garcia]
Wonderying Why 1975
Keepers (Finders) 2 Sep 1973
She's Got Charisma 1972 [without Garcia]
La-La 12 Jan 1974
Georgia On My Mind 2 Sep 1973
M.S. 1975 [without Garcia]
Bolinas Brown 12 Jan 1974


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