Grateful Dawg

A DVD and CD soundtrack about David Grisman and Jerry Garcia.
Song Title Date Recorded
Grateful Dawg 7 Dec 1991
Wayfaring Stranger [Bill Monroe]
The Sweet Sunny South 7 Dec 1991
Pig In A Pen 1 Oct 1973 (note 1)
Dawg's Waltz Dec 1990
Sitting In Limbo 7 Dec 1991
Off To Sea Once More [Ewen McColl]
Off To Sea Once More Dec 1990
Jenny Jenkins studio 199? (note 2)
Arabia 7 Dec 1991
The Thrill Is Gone studio 199? (note 3)
Friend Of The Devil 7 Dec 1991
Grateful Dawg studio 199? (note 3)
DVD Bonus Tracks
I'm Troubled 7 Dec 1991
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 7 Dec 1991
(1) originally released on Breakdown.
(2) studio remixes of track originally released on Not For Kids Only.
(3) studio remixes of tracks originally released on Garcia/Grisman.


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