Circles Round The Sun - Interludes For The Dead

Music played during the intermissions of the Fare Thee Well shows in Chicago inJuly 2015. Composed by Neal Casal and played by a band consisting of Casal, Adam MacDougall, Dan Home and Mark Levy. Released on CD, with most of the tracks (and more) also included in the box set of the Fare Thee Well shows.
CD 1
Hallucinate A Solution 4 July 2015
Gilbert's Groove 5 July 2015
Kasey's Bones ?
Space Wheel 3 July 2015
CD 2
Ginger Says 4 July 2015
Farewell Franklin's 5 July 2015
Saturday's Children 4 July 2015
Scarlotta's Magnolias 5 July 2015
Hat And Cane 5 July 2015
Mountains Of The Moon 3 July 2015
(1) all the tracks except for "Kasey's Bones" are included in the box set Fare Thee Well

Further Information
For more information on this recording see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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