Area Code 415 - The Marin County Collective

Recorded in 1972 and 1973 at Mickey Hart's ranch in Novato, but never released. It often circulates with tracks from Mickey Hart's unreleased solo album Fire On The Mountain. Indeed, I wonder if some of the tracks might have been intended for that album.

Playing on the album were John Cipollina, David Freiberg, Jerry Garcia, Mickey Hart, Robert Hunter, Phil Lesh, Kathi McDonald, Jim McPherson, Barry Melton and Steven Shuster. They are sometimes listed on tapelists as "The Marin County Collective."
Fire On The Mountain 
Ghost Riders In The Sky 
Mad (version 1)  (note 1)
You Know I Will 
I Heard You Singing  (note 2)
Night Of The Vampire 
Mad (version 2)  (note 1)
(1) often listed as "It Makes Me Feel Mad"
(2) often listed as "Is Anyone There?" or "Is Anybody There?"


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