Pictures from Alex's birthday party

A selection of pictures from the party and surrounding events
The Deadhead cyclists arrive at the beach cafe on the morning of my birthday
Katie and Jenny Longley on the boat on Friday evening
My stunned look on arriving at the party in the evening
Katie laughing at my reaction
Fanny Roberson and Jenny Gunzberg at the party
Dennis Tierney at the party
Our table at the party
My mother, Eve Akerman and Jenny Rosser at the party
Mike Lefroy and Phillipa Packer at the party
The Mains and the Tierneys at the party
Katie speaking at the party
Arriving at the boat the next day
On the boat en route to Rotnest the next day
Practicing music before people arrived on Sunday
Party in our courtyard on the Sunday
Watching sunset on the beach on Monday
Mike Hutton and Holly opening champagne on the beach
Chrissie Buckle playing boule on the beach
Roddy and Susie saying farewell for the second time
Holly posing in Fanny's garden
Katie, Holly and Al on Katie's surf-ski
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