Journal for 14 June 2001

Winter in Freo

Winter in Freo, and life has settled into a quieter routine - hence fewer things to record in this journal.

The alarm went at 6.15 yesterday, and I turned over and snuggled up to Katie - who chided me for being lazy. I was shamed into getting up and going off cycling, only to find it was the coldest morning of the year so far, about 3 degrees. Katie was uncharacteristically apologetic when I got back. Life isn't fair, as it was about 10 degrees this morning when she got up to go rowing.

Our days are mostly spent with me working on my PhD in my office at home, while Katie is printing in her studio. We're both fairly busy - with Katie working for an exhibition in London in September of work based on the trip she and other artists did to the Simpson Desert last year. We've been playing quite a lot of bridge in the evenings - not very successfully so far, but we're getting back to our old form.

Diversions have included a brief trip to Canberra for an EU/Australia Science Co-operation Forum. A few old friends, and some beautiful Canberra weather - frosty overnight but with sparkling clear days. And life here is never dull, with friends from Sydney and the UK to stay; practicing music with a group of friends (still very amateur); seeing Australia II back in the water and preparing for the America's Cup Jubilee Regatta in Cowes; and watching and taking part in lots of sport (though seeing the Fremantle Dockers lose their first 11 games this season hasn't been a highlight).

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