Journal: 21 June 1999

I don't feel I've organised my life very well over the past week. I've spent a day in Sydney, a day in Brisbane, another day in Sydney, and then a day in Melbourne.

I was in Canberra on Tuesday, going to a Government On-Line Conference--impressive in what it revealed about what's been achieved in Australia. Their equivalent of the Employment Service, for example, makes heavy use of on-line kiosks to allow job-seekers to scan vacancies. Then to Sydney in Wednesday for Lord Marshall's speech to the ABCC in his role as an Ambassador for British Business. Thursday was a series of meetings in Canberra--and a late night watching the World Cup Cricket semi-final--an astounding finish, and it was clear the next morning that I was far from the only one in Australia watching at 3.30am.

Then a 6.20 flight to Brisbane for some meetings and a speech to the ABCC. Back to Canberra that evening just in time for a game of bridge at the Canberra Bridge Club. Finally some sleep, but then we drove to Sydney again for the 80th birthday of an old friend of Katie's family--with 4 generations of the family there.

Back to Canberra on Sunday, and the World Cup Cricket Final. Not as late a night as it might have been, thanks to Australia's thumping success. Then to Melbourne on Monday for some meetings and a dinner for Euro-fashion week. Some great British designs which gave me ideas for Katie's birthday (this is a test to see whether she reads this!). This is written late at night in the hotel in Melbourne, before a flight back to Canberra tomorrow morning.

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