Journal: 30 June 1998

I realise that I have a dilemma for these journals. I can't or don't want to include lots of stuff about official meetings etc. But if I stick to anecdotal stuff of more interest to friends, I am going to make our life sound like the worst parody of diplomats living it up at taxpayers' expense.

Ah well. For better or worse I'm going ahead anyway.

This is written on a wet night in Sydney just before I try to get a little sleep before England v Argentina comes on the television at 5am. Katie is back in Canberra, no doubt watching Wimbledon, which starts at 11pm and goes on until 3am or so.

I'm in Sydney to do a speech tomorrow on constitutional reform in the UK. I'll put a copy on this site separately. Before then, I'm doing a - sleepy! - radio interview in the morning and calling on various people in Sydney during the day.

This is in fact my second visit to Sydney this week. Katie and I came down on Monday primarily for a lunch with the Australian Broadcasting Association in honour of Heather Brigstocke, who is in Aus wearing her English Speaking Union hat. Coincidentally, she was High Mistress of St Pauls when Katie taught there briefly in the late 1970s.

The weekend was relatively quiet, with sleep disturbed by Wimbledon and the World Cup. But we managed a tennis tournament (Katie played well, I didn't) and a lunch with the Australia-Britain Society.

Plus long walks for Holly, who is in great form. Weather on Saturday was very foggy but it cleared up to a lovely clear day on Sunday for tennis. Today it started bucketing down in the car on the way to Sydney. An opportunity to listen to some CDs that Katie wouldn't have wanted to listen to if she'd been in the car!

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