Garcia Albums

This lists albums by Jerry Garcia other than with the Grateful Dead. It is ordered by when the tracks were recorded, rather than the date the album was issued.
Date Recorded Album Title Band
Various 1961-1964 Before The Dead Various
Various 1972-1973 Well Matched Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders
Various 1972-1982 All Good Things Various lineups
Various 1972-1990 The Best Of Jerry Garcia Various Lineups
Various 1973-1995 Jerry Garcia Plays Dylan Various Lineups
Original Albums
Fall 1962 Hart Valley Drifters Hart Valley Drifters
Jul 1964 Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions
1970 Side Trips, Volume 1 Garcia/Wales
1971 Hooteroll? Garcia/Wales
21 May 1971 Garcia Live Volume 15 Garcia/Saunders
1971-1975 Keepers Garcia/Saunders
1972 Garcia Jerry Garcia
1972 Heavy Turbulence Garcia/Saunders
1973 Fire Up Garcia/Saunders
23 Jan 1973 Garcia Live Volume 12 Garcia/Saunders
5 Jul 1973 Garcia Live Volume 6 Garcia/Saunders
10-11 Jul 1973 Keystone Companions: Complete Fantasy Recordings Garcia/Saunders
1973 Compliments Of ... Jerry Garcia (with Merl Saunders et al)
1/8 Oct 1973 That High Lonesome Sound Old And In The Way
1/8 Oct 1973 Breakdown Old And In The Way
8 Oct 1973 Old And In The Way Old And In The Way
8 Oct 1973 Live At The Boarding House Old And In The Way
11 Aug 1974 GarciaLive Volume 9 Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders
1 Sep 1974 Pure Jerry 4: Keystone Berkeley Garcia and Saunders Band
2 Nov 1974 Garcia Live Volume 18 Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders
14/15 Dec 1974 Garcia Live Volume 3 Legion Of Mary (Garcia and Saunders)
1974-1975 Jerry Garcia Collection, Volume 1 Legion Of Mary (Garcia and Saunders)
21 Feb 1975 Good Old Boys: Drink Up And Go Home Good Old Boys
17/18 Nov 1975 Jerry Garcia Collection, Volume 2: Let It Rock Jerry Garcia Band (with Nicky Hopkins)
31 Dec 1975 Garcia Live Volume 5 Jerry Garcia Band (with Nicky Hopkins)
1976 Reflections Jerry Garcia Band (with Nicky Hopkins)/Grateful Dead
21 May 1976 Don't Let Go Jerry Garcia Band (with Keith and Donna Godchaux)
8 Nov 1976 Garcia Live Volume 7 Jerry Garcia Band (with Keith and Donna Godchaux)
7-13 Nov 1976 Garcia Live Volume 17 Jerry Garcia Band (with Keith and Donna Godchaux)
29/30 Jul 1977 Pure Jerry 1: Theater 1839 Jerry Garcia Band (with Keith and Donna Godchaux)
Feb-Jun 1978 Pure Jerry: San Francisco Bay Area 1978 Jerry Garcia Band (with Keith and Donna Godchaux)
18 Mar 1978 Pure Jerry 6: Warner Theatre Jerry Garcia Band (with Keith and Donna Godchaux)
22 Mar 1978 Garcia Live Volume 4 Jerry Garcia Band (with Keith and Donna Godchaux)
1978 Cats Under The Stars Jerry Garcia Band (with Keith and Donna Godchaux and Merl Saunders)
28 Feb 1980 After Midnight Jerry Garcia Band (with Ozzie Ahlers)
1 Mar 1980 Garcia Live Volume 1 Jerry Garcia Band (with Ozzie Ahlers)
26 Jun 1981 Garcia Live Volume 1.5 Jerry Garcia Band (with Melvyn Seals and Jimmy Warren)
1982 Run For The Roses Jerry Garcia Band (with Melvin Seals and Merl Saunders)
27 Jan 1986 GarciaLive Volume 14 Jerry Garcia/John Kahn
28 Feb 1986 Pure Jerry: Marin Veterans Memorial Auditorium (note 1) Jerry Garcia/John Kahn
29 Aug 1987 Electric On The Eel (discs 1-2) Jerry Garcia Band (with Melvin Seals)
29 Aug 1987 Electric On The Eel (bonus disc) Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band
Fall 1987 Almost Acoustic Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band
Fall 1987 Ragged But Right Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band
Oct 1987 Pure Jerry 3: Lunt-Fontanne: Best Of The Rest Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band/Jerry Garcia Band (with Melvin Seals)
28 Oct 1987 On Broadway: Act One Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band/Jerry Garcia Band (with Melvin Seals)
31 Oct 1987 Pure Jerry 2: Lunt-Fontanne Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band/Jerry Garcia Band (with Melvin Seals)
10 Jun 1989 Electric On The Eel (discs 3-4) Jerry Garcia Band (with Melvin Seals)
1/2 Sep 1989 Pure Jerry 5: Merriweather Post Pavilion Jerry Garcia Band (with Melvin Seals)
5/6 Sep 1989 Fall 1989: The Long Island Sound Jerry Garcia Band (with Melvin Seals)
16 Sep 1989 Garcia Live Volume 13 Jerry Garcia Band (with Melvin Seals)
1989-1993 Shining Star Jerry Garcia Band (with Melvin Seals)
1990 How Sweet It Is Jerry Garcia Band (with Melvin Seals)
1990 Jerry Garcia Band Jerry Garcia Band (with Melvin Seals)
20 May 1990 Garcia Live Volume 10 Jerry Garcia Band (with Melvin Seals)
5 Aug 1990 Garcia Live Volume 2 Jerry Garcia Band (with Melvin Seals)
1 Sep 1990 Live At Shoreline (DVD) Jerry Garcia Band (with Melvin Seals)
1990-1991 Grateful Dawg (DVD and CD soundtrack) Garcia/Grisman
1990-1993 Shady Grove Garcia/Grisman
1990-1995 So What Garcia/Grisman
199? Been All Around This World Garcia/Grisman
Spring 1991 Garcia/Grisman Garcia/Grisman
10 Aug 1991 Electric On The Eel (discs 5-6) Jerry Garcia Band (with Melvin Seals)
9 Nov 1991 Pure Jerry 7: Hampton Coliseum Jerry Garcia Band (with Melvin Seals)
15 Nov 1991 Garcia Live Volume 16 Jerry Garcia Band (with Melvin Seals)
23 Nov 1991 Garcia Live Volume 8 Jerry Garcia Band (with Melvin Seals)
31 Oct 1992 Garcia Live Volume 19 Jerry Garcia Band (with Melvin Seals)
1993 Not For Kids Only Garcia/Grisman
4/5 Feb 1993 Pizza Tapes Garcia/Grisman/Rice
11 Nov 1993 Garcia Live Volume 11 Jerry Garcia Band (with Melvin Seals)
(1) also released as the bonus disc with GarciaLive Volume 14


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