Daily Robert Hunter Lyrics

In 2020, I decided that, in memory of Robert Hunter, I would post a daily couplet from one of his lyrics on Facebook. Twitter and The Well. This is a complete listing:


Day 1: January 1
Born, born, born upon the world the restless heart keeps flying
Trying to become the heart of home
Yellow Moon

Day 2: January 2
Wake now discover that you are the song that the morning brings
But the heart has its seasons, its evenings and songs of its own
Eyes of the World

Day 3: January 3
One clock keeps time for the countdown to disaster
Trying to slow it down seems to make it run faster
13 Clocks

Day 4: January 4
And it's just a box of rain, or a ribbon for your hair
Such a long, long time to be gone and a short time to be there
Box of Rain

Day 5: January 5
Writing mad sonnets in the midnight park
Leaving tracks of tears for her watermark
Night Of A Thousand Stars

Day 6: January 6
When the last rose of summer pricks my fingers
And the hot sun chills me to the bone
Black Muddy River

Day 7: January 7
Most of our years have flown away with nothing much decided
Except the board we're playing on, how it's to be divided

Day 8: January 8
Careless love will break the trust, divide and conquer all
Ash to ash and dust to dust like barren leaves that fall
Day By Day

Day 9: January 9
Stand by the shadow you cannot outrun
Though your footsteps be ever so fleet
Shining Blue Sea

Day 10: January 10
You needn't gild the lily, offer jewels to the sunset
No one is watching or standing in your shoes
Doin' That Rag

Day 11: January 11
The darkness is so vast, slender moon like a smile
A thin teardrop of glass, I want to watch it a while
For This One Hour

Day 12: January 12
Gettin' much harder to please that crowd
When the music is quiet but you're yelling out loud
Fire on the Mountain (studio outtake)

Day 13: January 13
And there were days I know
When all we ever wanted was to learn and love and grow
Days Between

Day 14: January 14
This must be the future, we stumbled here at last
At first glance can't tell it from the recent past
Barracuda Moon

Day 15: January 15
Waves of violet go crashing and laughing
Rainbow winged singing birds fly round the sun
What's Become Of The Baby

Day 16: January 16
Startled sighs of wonderment flow in tears of sorrow
Travelling with presentment, visions of tomorrow
Seven Hills Of Gold

Day 17: January 17
Give you reason to believe again
But finish that prayer before you say Amen

Day 18: January 18
To justify all the shame and death might as well just save their breath
The cynical left or the cynical right, both sides spoiling for a fight

Day 19: January 19
None so blind as will not see, so deaf as will not hear
None so mute as will not speak, so brave as will not fear
None So Blind

Day 20: January 20
It brings back the feel of hearts in transition
My current position was never so clear
Into The Blue

Day 21: January 21
I mind my own business until you make it yours
Then plan your parting, as they say, it never rains, it pours

Day 22: January 22
You know the pay was pathetic
It's a shame those boys couldn't be more copacetic
West L.A. Fadeaway

Day 23: January 23
I may not have the world to give to you
But maybe I have a tune or two
If I Had The World To Give

Day 24: January 24
What you wasting my time for, complaining in my ear
Telling me a sad, sad story I just don't need to hear
By The Horns

Day 25: January 25
The echo of her laughter fades into the western skies
Where ribbons that you bought her are reflected in her eyes
Aim At The Heart

Day 26: January 26
I read in your letter that my business had failed
Then I read my mother had escaped from jail

Day 27: January 27
I hope you're happy at my address
The windows are clean but the floor is a mess
Your House

Day 28: January 28
When a child is being born, cut the cord and tie a knot
Be sure you cut it with a keen blade, life is short and full of thorns
Children's Lament

Day 29: January 29
Certain stars come out at midnight, others stay away at dawn
Other stars shine in the moonlight, sometimes you can hear their song
Muli Guli

Day 30: January 30
Guess we're going through the next transition
Acting like the world is just a stage to play on
Old Coast Highway

Day 31: January 31
No matter when it comes, one thing sure, it comes too soon
Fame, death, love, all find us never quite prepared, or in tune
45th of November


Day 32: Febuary 1
What good is spilling blood?
It will not grow a thing
Blues For Allah

Day 33: Febuary 2
Everything I lived for seemed played out like a joke
The all-night revelations and the poetry we spoke
End of the Road

Day 34: Febuary 3
My throat so dry, it makes me want to cry
And shed a tear or two in lieu of rain
Can I Have This Dance?

Day 35: Febuary 4
Elementary magic of the solitary moonbeam
Might have been a dream but that isn't how it seemed

Day 36: Febuary 5
You get half a dozen for the price of one
But that's no return when the deal is done, hill and gully run
Hill And Gully Run

Day 37: Febuary 6
Didn't do it for the social climb, didn't do it for the rocks that shine
Didn't do it for the ties that bind, didn't do it for Auld Lang Syne
Just Because

Day 38: Febuary 7
I never could take a hint, you gotta tell me straight
Beat me with the evidence, convince me of my fate
As A Sign

Day 39: Febuary 8
I don't complain, it's not my nature
Take my milkshake straight, no chaser
Rooster Rag

Day 40: Febuary 9
Keep an eye to the future, an ear to the past
After thinking it over, notice nothing much lasts
One Thing To Try

Day 41: Febuary 10
Lately I'm living on nothing but dreams
Maybe that ain't half as bad as it seems
Four: Fifty-One

Day 42: 11Febuary
Twenty third psalm, Majordomo reserve me a table for three
Down in the valley of the shadow, just you, Alabama and me
Alabama Getaway

Day 43: Febuary 12
The day the constitution became a metaphor
I was laying tile on my lady's kitchen floor
Trumpets Of The Ocean

Day 44: Febuary 13
There's a man at the blackboard proving two and two make four
Maybe it used to but it sure don't do it no more
Damn Near

Day 45: Febuary 14
We dug him up on Tuesday, he'd hardly aged a day
Taught us all he ever knew, we never knew so much before
We may never know so much again
Mason's Children

Day 46: Febuary 15
I wonder wonder wonder wonder where that fellow went
The one who wrote the book of love with a stick in wet cement
John Cage Is Dead

Day 47: Febuary 16
His songs were cut open and found to be clay
The hope of the future served up on a tray
Keys To The Rain

Day 48: Febuary 17
I don't know if you're on the level, each thing in its proper time
I don't spit in the beer of the devil if the devil don't spit in mine
Where Love Goes (Sito)

Day 49: Febuary 18
Way down upon Seminole Square, belly of the river tide
Call for me and I will be there for the price of a taxi ride
Lazy River Road

Day 50: Febuary 19
Found this card by the side of the road, Jack O'Diamonds, battered and old
Run down, rained on, filthy and torn, my own face card, sure as I'm born
Big Bad Blues

Day 51: Febuary 20
You had your chance, I didn't muscle in
But the way you treat this lady is a shame and a sin
Taking Maggie Home

Day 52: Febuary 21
Burn the water, freeze the fire, spin the molten silk
Squeeze the butter from the stone and rubies from the milk
Baba Jingo

Day 53: Febuary 22
Ariel sings overhead, deaf men mouth the words she's said
But they don't hear the songs she's singing now

Day 54: Febuary 23
She said, you look like Elvis Presley, I said, I know, it tends to stress me
Gives rise to undue expectations and other such-like aggravations
Alligator Alley

Day 55: Febuary 24
Lotta poor man make a five dollar bill, will keep him happy all the time
Some other fellow's making nothing at all, and you can hear him cry
Cumberland Blues

Day 56: Febuary 25
"It's eight below zero and too cold to snow" - catching her drift, I made motions to go
But she stuck out her foot, my balance collapsed, fell to my knees with my head in her lap
Eight Below Zero

Day 57: Febuary 26
Your mother, your father, the man with the lease
The feds and the Northwest Mounted Police
Bone Alley

Day 58: Febuary 27
Looking deep and then deeper into every face
Past beauty and wisdom, past gender and race
Only The Strange Remain

Day 59: Febuary 28
Serial number, name and rank, forty margaritas in the tank
Singing 'My Blue Heaven' all the way to the bank
Midnight Bay

Day 60: Febuary 29
Fortune dealt him such a straight high hand
He saw no reason not to trust it more, and retrieved her fan
Ivory Wheels, Rosewood Track


Day 61: March 1
Ran into a rain-storm, ducked into a bar door
It was all night pouring, pouring rain, Lord, but not a drop on me

Day 62: March 2
Your darling face, and how it glows
Your eyes that see what no one knows
Between Your Heart And Mine

Day 63: March 3
When she really feels the pain, she don't cry at all
Just stands there grinning with her back against the wall

Day 64: March 4
Someone says: it don't compute, another one says: just sits there mute
Solomon says: judge each other as you would your sister's brother
Tropical Cashmere Sweater

Day 65: March 5
All out stuff in the car, high hopes for a good clean break
from the life we left behind for true love's sake
Better Bad Luck

Day 66: March 6
Sleep the sleep of sleepers, dream the dream of dreams
When you look down deeper nothing's ever what it seems
The Sandman

Day 67: March 7
What you give you get, whether gold or lice
God with the universe don't play dice
Dice With The Universe

Day 68: March 8
You can borrow from the devil, you can borrow from a friend
But the devil will give you twenty, when your friend got only ten
Friend Of The Devil

Day 69: March 9
I'll climb the famous mountain if such is your desire
Hang on through tears and pain if that's what you require
A Day With No Tomorrow

Day 70: March 10
Moan in bitter misery, fall upon your bended knee
Such a man you'll never see again in railroad history
John Henry’s Buria

Day 71: March 11
While you were gone, these spaces filled with darkness
The obvious was hidden, with nothing to believe in
At A Siding

Day 72: March 12
Who was that wrong number on the telephone
whose lovely laugh was severed by the dial tone
Who, Baby, Who?

Day 73: March 13
Trying hard to believe there's something more than me
Something outside myself that wants me to be free
All My Bridges Burning

Day 74: March 14
It's a buck dancer's choice my friend, better take my advice
You know all the rules by now, and the fire from the ice
Uncle John’s Band

Day 75: March 15
When fate comes knockin' don't play it too smart
Grab it by the face with love in your heart
The Emperor’s Suit

Day 76: March 16
Set my reason on the line, wreck my health and lose my mind
Grit my teeth, ignore the pain, smile at loss and count it gain
I Will Wait For You

Day 77: March 17
Cloud hands reaching from a rainbow
Tapping at the window touch your hair
Crazy Fingers

Day 78: March 18
I never learned the name of that song
But I remember the back beat all night long
Tuesday Blues

Day 79: March 19
There was green fire - static lightning
clinging to your cradle the night you were born

Day 80: March 20
If anyone wonders how it all turned out
Tell them the outcome is still in doubt
Years To Come

Day 81: March21
Instruct him some and then return to me
Our ship is rigged with sails of mist and anxious for the sea

Day 82: March 22
When I was a young man, I needed good luck
But I'm a little bit older now and I know my stuff
Let Me Sing Your Blues Away

Day 83: March 23
Trouble with you is the trouble with me
Got two good eyes but we still don't see
Casey Jones

Day 84: March 24
Deliver me from girls and horses, I can't pick a winner
Miralda looked up only once then went back to her dinner

Day 85: March 25
I ain't ready yet to go to bed
Think I'll take a walk downtown instead
Cats Under The Stars

Day 86: March 26
Said: a lot of trouble coming. but it don't have to come to you
I'm sparing you so you can tell the rest what you been through

Day 87: March 27
Feel so anxious that sometimes at night
The sheets and the pillow won't fit me right
Seventeen Pine Avenue

Day 88: March 28
This shot is all you've got in spite of what they say
Hold on to what you love until it's ripped away
Full Steam Ahead

Day 89: March 29
Bells all ring in perfect tune
And every night a lover's moon

Day 90: March 30
This song is for the sun, or if it's dark, the moon
This song is for the stars that sing along in tune
For The Birds

Day 91: March 31
Sing a song of seven cents, a pocket full of sand
A bird or two behind each bush, but nothing in the hand
Molly Dee


Day 92: April 1
You and me got debts come due, I can't pay, neither can you
Life is just too weird to live, I don't forget and don't forgive
Armageddon Rag

Day 93: April 2
There is time to deliver, time to receive
All that you're lacking of whatever you need
Harp Tree Lament

Day 94: April 3
If I was an eagle I'd dress like a duck
Crawl like a lizard and honk like a truck

Day 95: April 4
I bought ever big department store and everything inside
You could back up your truck and fill it up, the doors were open wide
Talkin' Money Tree

Day 96: April 5
Lifted the oppressed to a land above the trees
Of peace and sweet felicity, as pleasant as you please
The Sermon

Day 97: April 6
I got no choice but to grab the rope and start to climb
The situation here is such the choice was never mine
Banyan Tree

Day 98: April 7
Born in beauty, raised in grace, had I not seen such a face
I would know it nonetheless, bare my heart to your caress
Aliromba O Saro

Day 99: April 8
Underneath the thunder cloud, down along the storm
Anywhere I find, that's cosy, wet and warm
Louisiana Rain

Day 100: April 9
Just like New York City, just like Jericho
Pace the halls and climb the walls, and get out when they blow
Ramble On Rose

Day 101: April 10
Drink all day and rock all night
The law come to get you if you don't walk right
Tennessee Jed

Day 1-2: April 11
I don't rattle before I bite
Plug me in, I will rock all night
Not Like A Seventh Son

Day 103: April 12
Take it slow or take it fast
You cannot overtake your past
Hurry Tomorrow

Day 104: April 13
Once in a while you get shown the light
In the strangest of places if you look at it right
Scarlet Begonias

Day 105: April 14
Hide behind a cloudbank while the moon
Rises late then disappears too soon
Serafina Magdalena

Day 106: April 15
And I know the light will shine on me
Only if it is my destiny
Anybody's Guess

Day 107: April 16
I remember the future well
Nothing else left in the shop to sell
It Might As Well Be Me (Florinda)

Day 108: April 17
Fever roll up to a hundred and five, roll on up, gonna roll back down
One more day I find myself alive, tomorrow maybe go beneath the ground
Black Peter

Day 109: April 18
Go for gold, you can go for broke
but don't go for dreams that go up in smoke
Last Flash Of Rock And Roll

Day 110: April 19
I have spent my life seeking all that's still unsung
Bent my ear to hear the tune and closed my eyes to see
Attics Of My Life

Day 111: April 20
A nymph of the dark side stretches and yawns
Awakes in the shadows like a bird to the dawn
Run Elijah Run

Day 112: April 21
Better keep bailing while the rain pours down
The day crews sleeping and the night crews drowned
Fair To Even Odds

Day 113: April 22
Counting stars by candlelight, all are dim but one is bright
The spiral light of Venus rising first and shining best
Terrapin Station

Day 114: April 23
I saw your picture in the paper, glad to see you're doing well
Read all about your latest caper sitting in my prison cell
Taking The Rap

Day 115: April 24
When the bullet left the gun ain't no time left to duck
Do not ask what must be done, get in and drive the truck
No Time

Day 116: April 25
Looking back across the years other matters disappear
In the murmur I can hear familiar voices loud and clear
I Heard You Singing

Day 117: April 26
Oh well a touch of grey kind of suits you anyway
That was all I had to say and it's alright: we will survive
Touch Of Grey

Day 118: April 27
Ride in the whalebelly, fade away in moonlight
Sink beneath the waters to the coral sands below
The Eleven

Day 119: April 28
If you ask me, which I know you don't
I'd tell you to do what I know you won't
Keep Your Day Job

Day 120: April 29
Coming home from summer or retreating to the shore
I never found a reason to knock upon your door
I Have Always Lived Here

Day 121: April 30
What's to be the ground that child walks upon?
Will it be solid rock or shifting sand?
Rose Of Sharon


Day 122: May 1
I grabbed my pen and wrote down on my sleeve
How hearts that love, they sometime got to grieve
I'll Sing Again

Day `12: May 2
World enough in time to turn around
We're not lost, just waiting to be found
The Wind Blows High

Day 124: May 3
Said, "bullets are like waves, they only rearrange the sand
History turns upon the tides and not the deeds of man"
Down The Road

Day 125: May 4
By the side of the road on the highway to nowhere
We sit on a stone drinking wisdom and wine
When The Lights Went Out

Day 126: May 5
For richer or for poorer, use your common sense
There is no coincidence, there are no accidents

Day 127: May 6
You get what you come for, you're ready to go
And it's one in ten thousand done come for the show
Greatest Story Ever Told

Day 128: May 7
Sweet, she sang sweetly, come back soon
Come back for more of that love in the afternoon
Love In The Afternoon

Day 129: May 8
And since it shines in both our eyes don't try to act too wise
'Cause it's too bright for visions now, mystical or otherwise
Suite At The Mission

Day 130: May 9
This is my faithful promise which I make of my free will
I may point my gun and fire but I won't shoot to kill
Sandy Ford (Barbara Lee)

Day 131: May 10
I don't need to have to ask
What's that face behind your mask
Arizona Lightning

Day 132: May 11
It wasn't much in silver, smaller yet in gold
It could soothe the heat, but never touch the cold
A Little Piece For You

Day 133: May 12
There's nothing you can say but shrug and walk away
As long as we got love it doesn't matter anyway
The Night The Moon Fell Down

Day 134: May 13
That's how it was since way past when
You can't back up and do it again
Eagle Breeder's Waltz

Day 135: May 14
Where the touch of saint in the sinner can shine
Don't crowd that place 'cause it could be mine
Amagamalin Street

Day 136: May 15
She looked a little cautious but she didn't run away
That's as close to romance as I'm looking for today
Billboard Dreams

Day 137: May 16
Prophetic dreams and peaceful, not tumultuous and deep
Ease the crease upon their brows and smile upon their sleep
Leaving Terrapin

Day 138: May 17
Either we will learn to love or pack and go our way
Leaving only monuments to mark our desperate day
Ride Ride Ride

Day 139: May 18
All the things I planned to do, I only did half way
Tomorrow will be Sunday, born of rainy Saturday
Mission In The Rain

Day 140: May 19
Ripple in still water
When there is no pebble tossed, nor wind to blow

Day 141: May 20
It's not a situation from a fairy tale but I'll be there for you
When all the others fail I'll be there for you

Day 142: May 21
The desert's lovely, dark, and cool as orchids
The ghosts of old sing sweetly 'round my door
Eagle Mall

Day 143: May 22
Angels sing their souls to sleep
Four winds grace their breath to keep
Lay Of The Sunflower

Day 144: May 23
I'll thank you in the morning for the kindness that you give
I don't take well to warning, it's for friends like you I live
Lovelorn Rover

Day 145: May 24
Bet five hundred dollars, any course you steer
Someone got to argue can't get there from here
Golden Stairs

Day 146: May 25
If anybody happened to see, what do you think they'd see?
Nothing but clouds, one mountain and the deep blue sea
Rockin' With Nona

Day 147: May 26
Political manoeuvres never made much sense
Just a series of avoidable accidents
When Jones Came Home

Day 148: May 27
The logic was persuasive like it always is in dream
Where everything is anything except what it may seem
Woman In White

Day 149: May 28
Life seemed short when you left forever
Wasn't so smart, but pretty damn clever
Bluegrass Pines

Day 150: May 29
My heart's busted open, my sky's cerulean blue
Don't need rain for a rainbow as long as I've got you

Day 151: May 30
Hand in hand we leave the fire, the storytelling done
Pinch the candle and retire, tonight our dreams are one

Day 152: May 31
If you help me through the night, I will try to treat you right
Love me, I will love you too, nothing else I'd rather do


Day 153: June 1
Bought a ticket to a better place, became the Chief of Police
You don't have to obey the law but don't disturb the peace
Good Together

Day 154: June 2
An angel might have caught it and put it in her pocket
Or wore it as a locket, that falling star of mine
Falling Stars

Day 155: June 3
From your sweet tongue, heart of gold, the spirits find us here
With beauty beyond words I know that paradise is near
Djinn Djinn

Day 156: June 4
Keep it clean or keep it hid, others fall for what you did
A hundred years on down the line will any part of our lovelight shine?
Tough Changes

Day 157: June 5
Succulent and sweet, berries on a vine
Sherries from the sky, sea of apple wine
Track 6

Day 158: June 6
Sorting through the memories of my dreams
Glimmering of sun on the mountain streams
When I Leave This World Behind

Day 159: June 7
Gonna wave while the wind plays the stars, the sky
The moon and the night like a hymn
Wave To The Wind

Day 160: June 8
Break free of the moment, rear back and leap
Roll like the wind on the face of the deep
Look Away

Day 161: June 9
Whatever they say will be a lie
So cover your ears and pass on by
Down The Middle

Day 162: June 10
I know what I'm asking, and I know it's a lot
When I say that I love you, believe it or not
Believe It Or Not

Day 163: June 11
Do what you gotta do and do it some more
And try to believe in what you're doing it for
Key To Your Room

Day 164: June 12
Teach us to talk right, to do right, and then
How to walk in like children and walk out like men
Big Six

Day 165: June 13
Visions of a dream come true, another dream denied
Everything that's granted reveals another side
Supersonic Vision

Day 166: June 14
Good afternoon, babe, morning went by so fast
Nothing you can do about it, to make the damn thing last
One Dog Blues

Day 167: June 15
I met a friend of a friend and we stopped for a chat
She works as a stripper cross town at Schrodinger's Cat
Wilma And Beauregard

Day 168: June 16
I hear Vivaldi come drifting on by
From a ladies' quartet down the hall
Prodigal Town

Day 169: June 17
It don't come so easy as once it came before
Got to get up earlier, just fifteen minutes more
Solitary Word

Day 170: June 18
Maybe it's my destiny to love what others hate
Maybe there is time to change, and maybe it's too late
Walker After Midnight

Day 171: June 19
Laying awake in a strange part of town
Sky like slate, rain patters down
Where Did You Go?

Day 172: June 20
Chopped olive sandwiches, roses and wine
Cold ripe persimmons, my sweet Clementine

Day 173: June 21
This could be just the place, I thought, to mend my broken heart
Find the life-long love I sought, make a fresh new start
Rio Lindo

Day 174: June 22
Love is wind upon our sails, the boat is small
It rolls to Heaven at a crawl
Cortical Five

Day 175: June 23
Remember how I loved you once, and how you loved me too
Both of us have changed so much, old memories must do
Wet Behind The Ears

Day 176: June 24
Sail away on that Rhapsody in Red
Don't care where those other rainbows led
Rhapsody In Red

Day 177: June 25
Rhapsody In RedSunshine peddlers gathering round the block
Eyes as yet unshattered by the rising shock
Fletcher Carnaby

Day 178: June 26
I will stand by you forever if you'll always stand by me
On the shifting sand or water, take my hand, take my hand
No More Do I

Day 179: June 27
Safe and sound, ring around the roses in your head
Nightlamp glow, time to go up the stairs to bed
Little Foxes

Day 180: June 28
We have been together since the first-born seed of light
reflected on the water and divided day from night
And I Know You

Day 181: June 29
No torch or candle, what do you need?
And as much as you can handle is exactly as much as you receive
Comes The Dawn

Day 182: June 30
There's a silver ocean, silver clouds on a silver sea
A bird on the horizon silver winging back to me


Day 183: July 1
Ain't hard to figure, no mystery
When the forest dies, then so do we
The Devil And The Trees

Day 184: July 2
Believe it implicitly, love is tranquillity
If you don't know that then nothing is known
Lady Simplicity

Day 185: July 3
You might disagree with me, it's your right to be wrong
Anyway, I got my say even if it's just a song
Northeast By West

Day 186: July 4
Somethings we can pick and choose, others have to be
Meetings written in the blues of ancient history
Seventh Daughter

Day 187: July 5
Under the moonlight on a night so rare
Just say the word, I'll take you there
I'll Take You There (Misty)

Day 188: July 6
I trust to human kindness when I got no other choice
And when it's time to speak, I trust that truth will guide my voice
Trust (Guiding Star)

Day 189: July 7
Wrote a letter in the morning, mailed it at noon
Got an answer back by midnight and I read it by the moon
Simply Nowhere

Day 190: July 8
Lovers go but love remain
Everything else goes up in flames
Circulate The Rhythm

Day 191: July 9
And I awake in darkness, I can't sleep no more
That's why I called you up here at a quarter after four

Day 192: July 10
The voice of the song so strangely like you
When the moon was white and the sky was still blue
Resurrection Rag

Day 193: July 11
If the words are spoken, then they won't come true
Wouldn't be a secret and I might lose you
My Lips Are Sealed

Day 194: July 12
Sing the parts that can be sung and trust the heart for guidance
Ring the bells that can be rung and leave the rest to silence
The Last Song

Day 195: July 13
When I was a beggar, when I was a thief
When I was caught up, was you that brought relief
Maybe She's A Bluebird

Day 196: July 14
Haunted witches' moon low on the horizon
Couldn't be a better time to brew a lover's potion

Day 197: July 15
Here's a kiss to build a dream on, a place to lay your head
Star filled skies to guide you till the end
Scrap Of Moonlight

Day 198: July 16
My song is the future, my tune is the past
My rhythm is the present, my first is my last
Wayward Son

Day 199: July 17
Just want to tell you, for what it's worth
Centre of the universe is not on this earth
The Center

Day 200: July 18
You fought for the right to be wretched as sin
To carve the Lord's Prayer on the head of a pin
Parcel Of Doom

Day 201: July 19
The will to be free melts prison bars away
with a little ingenuity and a willingness to pay
Pieces Of Eight

Day 202: July 20
Here in the breech-born pits of thunder, land of the morning star
Here in the circle once unbroken you find out who you are
The Pits Of Thunder

Day 203: July 21
Two by two the tigers leap while each to his own council keeps
Sail from shore to dreamless sleep upon the tears the angel weeps
Drunkard's Carol

Day 204: July 22
Oh the heart grows weary of battles that never end
Hope this war is settled before there's nothing to defend
Iowa Soldier

Day 205: July 23
I hope to remember as long as I might
Those words of the heart, and sleep well at night
They Have A Saying

Day 206: July 24
If I tell another what your own lips told to me
Let me lay 'neath the roses and my eyes no longer see
It Must Have Been The Roses

Day 207: July 25
I am sure gonna miss you, my bright and shining star
But if you don't come back now, babe, at least return the car
Blues Barrel

Day 208: July 26
What came too soon was so hard to keep
So full a harvest it was hard to reap
Come To Life

Day 209: July 27
A kiss is not a promise, just the interest on a smile
The only thing important is a certain sense of style
The Business

Day 210: July 28
Nothing's for certain, it could always go wrong
Come in when it's raining, go on out when it's gone
High Time

Day 211: July 29
You might be skating on mighty thin ice
But I didn't come here to give you advice
Rock-n-Roll Blues

Day 212: July 30
I know she's not as pretty as you
Her hair's not wavy or her eyes so blue
She Gives Me Love

Day 213: July 31
Walking the dog, feeding the cat
No matter what happens, can't forget about that
End Of The World Rag


Day 214: August 1
Your dog run wild and your cat gone stray
Your horse been feeding on another man's hay
Reno Roll

Day 215: August 2
So what if I traded some empty chatter for solitude?
You know I still come round when I'm in the mood
I Never See You

Day 216: August 3
I saw you coming to me and I thought I heard you say
When today becomes tomorrow they call it yesterday
Laughing In The Dark

Day 217: August 4
Shoulda been a pearl gray evening Summer sky
Where eagles carry you away wherever eagles fly

Day 218: August 5
Don't stop and fill your suitcase, you got no time to waste
No time to put on lipstick or powder on your face
Run Mary

Day 219: August 6
You came from Picasso's pink and blue days
A harlequin figure with American ways
Must Be The Moon

Day 220: August 7
Rustling leaves, summer of sighs, ravens of memory, sing me
The morning we rode out of the mist to the edge of the shining blue sea
Mirror of Thalassa

Day 221: August 8
I can snap my fingers and require the rain
From a clear blue sky and turn it off again

Day 222: August 9
I have died for liberty, fought heavy, hard and long
I have died in poverty, moving right along
Moving Right Along

Day 223: August 10
San Francisco is the type of town
To drive my Chevvy with the rag-top down
Rag Top Down

Day 224: August 11
Till Jacob shook his willow wand in anger at the sky
And rain fell down for seven days till not one well was dry
Jacob Baum (Water Witch)

Day 225: August 12
Some are long forgotten, others never did exist
Don't make no difference, baby, one and all be missed
Star Baby Gap

Day 226: August 13
Precious moments when everything fits
When the jury's hung and the judge acquits
Heaven Only Knows

Day 227: August 14
What I want I haven't got and what I got I need
I can take a kick or two but I don't want to bleed
Come And Get It

Day 228: August 15
If I can find love and a few good friends
I'll cast my lot with the working men

Day 229: August 16
Wish I had a big bay steed, eighteen hands or more
Janis Jones would make some speed when they send me off to war
Janis Jones

Day 230: August 17
It might not be so clear but in its smallness lies its power
A single petal on a rose, a moment in the hour
Spreading The News

Day 231: August 18
He masquerades as wisdom, his investments rarely fail
He props up the economy and holds the key to jail
Man Of Some Distinction

Day 232: August 19
I see by your smile you're the salt of the land
Keep your paws on the table while I deal your hand
Jesse James

Day 233: August 20
Brick by brick the wall evolves, year by year the sun revolves
Age by age the ancient wheel creaks and turns around
Lay Of The Ring

Day 234: August 212
All around her the garden grew
Scarlet and purple and crimson and blue

Day 235: August 22
Floral gardens in the sky, eternal blossoms flashing by
Galaxies of columbine, nasturtium, rose and clinging vine
Starlight Starbright

Day 236: August 23
I don't want a full crate of champagne
A Derringer inside my boot, a sword in my cane
No Later Than Soon

Day 237: August 24
I discovered places of hearts unbroken
That you can get to with a subway token
Prisoner Of Freedom

Day 238: August 25
Sunset quiet as a benediction
One true love, the rest is fiction
Palm Sunday

Day 239: August 26
Gotta find a woman be good to me
Won't hide my liquor, try to serve me tea
Easy Wind

Day 240: August 27
When tomorrow comes around there'll be time to melt it down
See what your tests of fire prove, right now I can hardly move
Standing At Your Door

Day 241: August 28
There's a metal flag beside me someone planted long ago
Old glory standing stiffly, crimson, white and indigo
Standing On The Moon

Day 242: August 29
Make this world fine, pink and pretty, nice little rosebuds on a French lace
Move the wild a bit closer to the city, hold it to a mirror held to your face
Wolf In The Wilderness

Day 243: August 30
Melina lets it happen, you know she must've wrote the play
Had better luck in the roundabout than in the right of way
Mesa Linda

Day 244: August 31
You look like us when shove comes to push
Upside down dragged through a bush
Man Overboard


Day 245: September 1
Don't know how to do it, there could be a reason why
I never taught you how but now I'm gonna try
Lazy Tiger Rag

Day 246: September 2
Full fathom five, father lies, sister weeps and mother cries
Painted clown spins round and round, lost somewhere in time
Reason And Rhyme

Day 247: September 3
I have lived a checkered life, good deeds were far and few
Always counted on my wits, and luck to pull me through
Johnny Blondino

Day 248: September 4
Star-spangled church of the grand old flag, not some blood-soaked mop-up rag
Cops were good, trucks were bad, rights were something everyone had
American Spring

Day 249: September 5
Blackbird singer, calling through my rough and ready dream
Wake up and it's seven thirty, no coffee for the cream
Fly Away

Day 250: September 6
I look at my watch and it says twelve o'clock
It's right twice a day ever since it's been stopped
Ticket To Nowhere

Day 251: September 7
Stash your coins purse before you go down
It ain't exactly a rich part of town
Blue Note

Day 252: September 8
Broken heart don't feel so bad
You ain't got half of what you thought you had
Row Jimmy

Day 253: September 9
Would he put me in a song
Damn thing ran one verse too long

Day 254: September 10
Cut my baby teeth on a golden glove
The art of self defense is my first love
Jack Dempsey's Crown

Day 255: September 11
Opportunity don't really knock
Just ticks loud like a dynamite clock
Chance In A Million

Day 256: September 12
Depend on the wind of distant drums
We'll know the next step when it comes
The Next Step

Day 257: September 13
I spent a little time on the mountain, spent a little time on the hill
I saw things getting out of hand, I guess they always will
New Speedway Boogie

Day 258: September 14
I heard the golden eagle's disappearing cry
Wings of beaten lightning flashed from skies beyond the sky
Let The Mountain Be My Home

Day 259 : September 15
When the laws plunder all that it deserves
You know you often wonder just who is it that serves
Manila Farewell

Day 260: September 16
Miles of morning, acres of night
By noon the sun unbearably bright
A Glass Of Wine At The End Of Time

Day 261: September 17
After all the trial and fury
They spared the judge and hanged the jury
Rum Runners

Day 262: September 18
May go by riverboat, taxicab or billy goat
Swim there in my overcoat, I'm going just the same
Meet Me In Mexico

Day 263: September 19
A dozen times a day I stop and thank the Lord for you
For all the kindness that you bring, for all the things you do
Joy, Joy, Joy

Day 264: September 20
I can't recall the words or the tune so clearly
But I know when I hear it and I love it dearly
Over The Hills

Day 265: September 21
Took a dog for a walk, write another line for this song
Well I could use the exercise, this one's already too long
Six Of One

Day 266: September 22
High on the mountain the sun rides low
Last shades of twilight, red mountain white with snow
Sangre De Cristo

Day 267: September 23
Dive for the diamonds or shoot for the heart
It's all uncertain but that's the art
What'll You Raise

Day 268: September 24
Pale through this ghostly haze, the dawn of a newborn moon
Illuminates this ancient maze of tumbled stones rough hewn
Return To Terrapin

Day 269: September 25
Years die but love do not weep, new ones coming along
They're bound to go wrong, they cost you your sleep, but they don't have to cut too deep
Born Sidestepper

Day 270: September 26
Little touch of darkness, dark and the deeper shades of gray
Momentary madness, this, too, will pass away
Touch Of Darkness

Day 271: September 27
Sense of time was all you needed, your garden grew but never got weeded
Things came up you didn't plan to grow, they always do, you know
Roll Me Over On The Tide

Day 272: September 28
When all things sweet have lost their taste
And a well-meant smile just cracks like paste
Four White Horses

Day 273: September 29
Nothing to show for the years but a kind of lukewarm blues
Now you come shining through my tears how can I refuse
Red Car

Day 274: September 30
Politicians climb up the wall
That's how they do the New Orleans crawl
New Orleans Crawl


Day 275: October 1
Standing by the riverside we shall not be moved
Until the situation is very much improved
The Song Goes On

Day 276: October 2
The scene of the crime is the ballot box
And people who vote from fear

Day 277: October 3
Can't talk to you without talking to me, we're guilty of the same old thing
Thinking a lot about less and less and forgetting the love we bring

Day 278: October 4
If dogs could crow and hens could bark
Wouldn't get no sleep on Noah's Ark
Lovin' Spoonful #9

Day 279: October 5
You say your name is trouble, that's my name too
I must be seeing double or I look a lot like you
Slack String Quartet

Day 280: October 6
And it isn't only matters that were settled long ago
And it isn't just the singer and it wasn't just a show
Independence Day

Day 281: October 7
The past is not the only highway, why go roll it out again?
The future's in the unborn river of this morning's cloudless rain
Dance A Hole

Day 282: October 8
It's just my observation, you can take it for what it's worth
If you can't fix a busted heart don't try to save the earth
Slow Joe Rain

Day 283: October 9
Got a card in the mail, here's what it read
Keep your dead ass out of jail and keep the baby fed
When You Say When

Day 284: October 10
Be kind to all your friends for you know not the hour
Of beginnings nor of ends, you do not have that power
Paint And Glass

Day 285: October 11
Talk to him in Cantonese, old demotic Greek
Or Grateful Dead ebonics, just smile when you speak
Pickle Wine

Day 286: October 12
Full speed power dive, kick it into overdrive
If anyone gets out alive it might as well be you
Black Shamrock

Day 287: October 13
When the words come out like an angry stream
You hear yourself say things you could never mean
Comes A Time

Day 288: October 14
Well it's dog eat cat and it's cat eat mouse
And it's termites eating the whole damn house
End Of The World Blues

Day 289: October 15
The places you could rise light as thistledown
Places you could fall unnoticed to the ground
I Didn't Know You

Day 290: October 16
Once it's gone, it's truly gone, only lesser worlds to know
Far behind or on beyond Blue Moon Junction and falling snow
Blue Moon Junction

Day 291: October 17
A wind held by the collar, a cloud held by the breeze
You can walk on coals of fire but sometimes you must freeze
Built To Last

Day 292: October 18
You got me down on the knees of my shakin' feet
Can't play the blues, 'cause of you I drop the beat

Day 293: October 19
Things are cool in the next dimension, everything rocking from side to side
Past and future in suspension, love is the ocean and time's the tide
Next Dimension

Day 294: October 20
They got a special on soap, you buy a couple of bars and try to wash away your fears
They got a special on shoes, you buy a pair or two and you try to run away from here
So Blue

Day 295: October 21
If by now we stop to sleep we can't make no midnight creep
Only time can ever say pack my cat and haul away
Crooked Judge

Day 296: October 22
A jammed up highway no time to lose, an endless red light
In the houses of night where the bulldogs purr and the alley cats bite
Again And Again

Day 297: October 23
My dreams are as real as my heartbeat to me, as true as the clouds in my sky
That drift overhead as the clouds hurry by and the one I'll love till I die
Land Of My Dreams

Day 298: October 24
You, frail and fair as a lily, held my hand by light of the moon
Pale beams brightly spilling on boxes all over the room
The Boxes of Dr. Spasmodious

Day 299: October 25
Don't ask me to compromise what I've done before
Maybe that's the way it was but it ain't that way no more

Day 300: October 26
You told another, they came and told me, what can the source of this scandal be
Someone talking like they know their stuff, not enough facts to call anyone's bluff
Whisperin' Jones

Day 301: October 27
When you cross the sea of emotion in a boat with no passenger side
Throwing all sense of precaution to the waves to be lapped with the tide
When A Man Loves A Woman

Day 302: October 28
I can't tell you nothing except for what I've said
Shut down by exhaustion, just want to go to bed
Self Defence

Day 303: October 29
Here is a feast of solitude, a fiddler grim and tall
Plays to dancing kings and wives assembled in the hall
Mountains Of The Moon

Day 304: October 30
Before you even say hello here's how we could agree
You do what pleases you and I do what pleases me
Do Deny (Lying Man)

Day 305: October 31
Who can tell the things we tried in hopes of victory
Took on faith or else denied while trying to be free
Trying To Be Free


Day 306: November 1
Why don't you just postpone your war
Clothe your hungry, feed your poor
Tiger And The Monkey

Day 307: November 2
In that flame I saw a face I've never seen before
If they ask me why, I know just who I done this for
Dry Dusty Road

Day 308: November 3
You remind me of feather pillows
Georgia dawns and weeping willows
You Remind

Day 309: November 4
She got corn on the cob, black-eyed peas and ham
Served with salty gravy for the kind of man I am

Day 310: November 5
No big hurry, what do you say
Might as well travel the elegant way
Might As Well

Day 311: November 6
I been sitting here all night long with a pencil and my guitar
Sometimes a line pops into my head to the tune of a passing car
Some Of These Days

Day 312: November 7
Long ago and far away there was nothing much to do
Sit here on the top of the world and watch the light shine through
Dead Man Dancing

Day 313: November 8
If you hear that same sweet song again, will you know why?
Anyone who sings a tune so sweet is passing by
Bird Song

Day 314: November 9
I may go straight to heaven when I kick this mortal shell
Or I may lay low in Texas - what the hell
Roving Sign

Day 315: November 10
You can play with power and money, you can play with towers above
Draw the line there, if you're able, don't you ever play with love
Dance A Hole

Day 316: November 11
The tent has been folded and stowed on the train, the circus rolls off in the night
Only the marks of its passing remain in the chill of the cold morning light
Cupful Of Rain

Day 317: November 12
A raft made of match sticks, fishing twine and prayer
Not built to shoot rapids but who am I to care
By The Yard

Day 318: November 13
Spoken for, the roar of the water on the white sea sand
Spoken for, the fruit of the valley where I make my stand
Spoken For

Day 319: November 14
Fit me out with heart and wings and fill my head with crowns
I been crawlin' in this hill but now I'm rolling down
Promontory Rider

Day 320: November 15
Say to your lover, please don't go
It's a long way home through the falling snow
The Song Remains

Day 321: November 16
Where I come from all the roads are rocky and steep
And you aren't judged by the company you keep
Where I Come From

Day 322: November 17
A mighty old giant from the dawn of time
He moved like a dancer through the pits of lime
John Silver

Day 323: November 18
Up on the mountain I saw cities spread out like a map
San Francisco away to my left, New York right in my lap
Rock Columbia

Day 324: November 19
From the north-west corner of a brand new crescent moon
Where crickets and cicadas sing a rare and different tune
Terrapin Station

Day 325: November 20
Order in the court, the judge is eatin' beans
Clerk is in the bathtub sinkin' submarines
Reelin' And A-Pitchin'

Day 326: November 21
How many hours in a day, they tell me twenty four
There could be a couple less, I know there ain't no more
Samba In The Rain

Day 327: November 22
Vision is simple by moonlight, everything black and white
No colors to construe, just a range of black and blue
Patchwork River

Day 328: November 23
If you can abide it, let the hurdy gurdy play
Stranger ones have come by here before they flew away
China Doll

Day 329: November 24
I built your house and laid your floor, I carried your flag and I fought your war
I swear by the toes of the Jones above all I ever wanted was some of your love
Cut The Deck

Day 330: November 25
Wrap your dreams around you like a cloak against the cold
Never share them carelessly or force them to unfold
Cry Down The Years

Day 331: November 26
Going home, going home, by the waterside I will rest my bones
Listen to the river sing sweet songs to rock my soul
Brokedown Palace

Day 332: November 27
I'll tell you no more, you just think through the night
No doubt the conclusions you draw will be right
Cry In The Night

Day 333: November 28
Hang my head down low, pack my grip, make to go
If you want my love babe, gonna have to tell me so

Day 334: November 29
Summertime not fully passed and still the autumn leaves
cover up the hollow grass and owls nest in the eaves
The Devil Rode Out

Day 335: November 30
Leading with the heart and chin like crazy people do
Watch the burning bridges spin before a dream comes true
Did I Mention


Day 336: December 1
Love is an easy word to say, rolls right off the tongue
Seems to crop up like a weed, in every song that's sung
Easy Answers

Day 337: December 2
Eight-sided whispering hallelujah hatrack
Seven-faced marble eye transitory dream doll
The Eleven

Day 338: December 3
What have we to lose from love except what lacks foundation
Words can only carve the space we fill with expectation
Jack O'Roses

Day 339: December 4
Tell me your life when your future is bright
Give one more kiss before we say goodnight

Day 340: December 5
Reach for the rose, get caught on the briar
You're warming to love, next thing there's a fire
Run For The Roses

Day 341: December 6
Counting up the things that count on the fingers of one hand
Music, love, and friendship and the rest of it be damned
See You Again

Day 342: December 7
All I know the sun don't shine and the rain refused to fall
And you don't seem to hear me when I call
So Many Roads

Day 343: December 8
I can't use a lot of things used to couldn't do without
Didn't know where my head was then or what that mess was all about

Day 344: December 9
He could pass his time around some other line
But you know he chose this place beside her
They Love Each Other

Day 345: December 10
If there's anyway to tell you, anyway to persuade
I'd really love to spare you the mistakes I've made
Way To Go Home

Day 346: December 11
I don't want your leadership, your promises and lies
I don't want your anything, hope you'll realise
Who Do You Think You Are?

Day 347: December 12
Upon the stage I strut my stuff with sanctifying grace
Righteousness within my soul and rapture on my face
Willy Morris

Day 348: December 13
Now it ain't as bad as I'm pretending, I'm just trying to make a point
I won't break but I've been bending so far back I'm out of joint
Worried In Mind

Day 349: December 14
A little bit quicker and we might have time
To say "How do you do?" before we're left behind
Cosmic Charley

Day 350: December 15
Dare to leap, leap from ledges high and wide
Learn to speak, speak with wisdom like a child
Foolish Heart

Day 351: December 16
Stood in the shadow facing a star
For this one moment you know who you are
Forever Is Nowhere

Day 352: December 17
Wildflower seed in the sand and wind
May the four winds blow you home again
Franklin’s Tower

Day 353: December 18
I sent you for jelly, you came back with jam
Who exactly do you think I am?
Kick In The Head

Day 354: December 19
Under the elm, inside at night
That story began, let there be light
Let There Be Light

Day 355: December 20
Lost my boots in transit babe, pile of smoking leather
Nailed a retread to my feet and prayed for better weather
Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toddleloo

Day 356: December 21
The bottles stand as empty now, as they were filled before
Time there was and plenty, but from that cup no more
Ship Of Fools

Day 357: December 22
In the end there's still that song comes crying like the wind
Down every lonely street that's ever been
Stella Blue

Day 358: December 23
Meet me in the middle, rolling right along
Tell it like a riddle or sing it like a song
Tell Me It Was Magic

Day 359: December 24
Nineteen forty, Xmas eve, with the full moon over town
Stagger Lee shot Billy DeLyon and he blew that poor boy down
Stagger Lee

Day 360: December 25
Copper-dome bodhi drip a silver kimono
like a crazy-quilt star gown through a dream night wind
China Cat Sunflower

Day 361: December 26
Paradise waits on the crest of a wave her angels in flame
She has no pain, like a child she is pure, she is not to blame
Help On The Way

Day 362: December 27
Since the end is never told we pay the teller off in gold
In hopes he will come back, but he cannot be bought or sold
Lady With A Fan

Day 363: December 28
Wonder who will water all the children of the garden
When they sigh about the barren lack of rain and droop so hungry 'neath the sky
Saint Stephen (William Tell Bridge)

Day 364: December 29
You can't go back and you can't stand still
If the thunder don't get you then the lightning will
The Wheel

Day 365: December 30
Dark star crashes, pouring its light into ashes
Reason tatters, the forces tear loose from the axis
Dark Star

Day 366: December 31
Sometimes the lights all shining on me, Other times I can barely see> Lately it occurs to me What a long strange trip it's been Truckin'