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This is very much work in progress: I'm gradually adding songs and checking setlists. Help and suggestions/correction gratefully received. It includes all songs played by the David Nelson Band. This includes those NRPS songs which were also played by DNB, but not other NRPS songs (even where David Nelson played on them).

I've also completed my David Nelson Band Discography

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(1) Songs listed as DNB originals include songs written by band members which may originally have been played by Moonalice.
(2) Songs listed as Grateful Dead and NRPS covers include only songs particularly associated with those bands and not all songs they may have covered. I'm conscious I haven't been entirely consistent in this.
(3) I'm not including songs sung only by Pete Rowan or Vince Herman - or individual guest singers; nor songs sung only jointly in sets with Moonalice. Once again, I may not have been wholly consistent in this.
(4) I've not at this stage included songs played by the Papermill Creek Rounders (unless they were also played by the David Nelson band). I might include them later. Nor have I included songs played by the Good Old Boys (unless they wqere also played by DNB). And I've never found any recordings of The New Delhi River Band.
(5) My primary source is the shows on, supplemented by,, facebook and other sites.


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