What Lyrics Are Indexed?

At present, you can only search for words or phrases in songs sung by the Grateful Dead or in other songs written by Robert Hunter or John Perry Barlow. One of my longer-term plans is to expand the index to allow you to search all the lyrics on this site, including those by JGB, Ratdog, Phil & Friends etc. But until then, I have to decide what counts as a song "sung by the Grateful Dead" (songs written by Hunter and Barlow are pretty self-explanatory).

The basic plan I have used is to include:
This means I have not included the following:
I have categorised Bruce Hornsby as a "band member" and not as a "guest."

Members of the Dead played some shows not billed as the "Grateful Dead." For the time being, I have decided to include all shows where four or more of the Dead played, whatever the billing. What this means in practice is that the following songs, which were never played at formal Grateful Dead shows, are included in the lyrics that are indexed:


11-17-78 "Bob Weir & Friends" (Weir/Garcia/Lesh/Hart) 9-24-94 (Lesh/Garcia/Weir/Welnick)
6-11-69 "Bobby Ace and His Cards From The Bottom Of The Deck" (Weir/Garcia/Lesh/Hart/Constanten)
4-17-70 (Hartbeats/Bobby Ace)
4-18-70 (Hartbeats/Bobby Ace)
4-19-70 (Hartbeats/Bobby Ace)
(1) since I have never found the lyrics to these songs, they are not in practice included in the index!

Songs not included in the lyric index, since they were played at shows with fewer than four members of the Dead:

3-22-89 (Garcia/Weir/Kahn)
4-26-88 (Garcia/Weir/Mydland/Kahn)
12-15-70 (Crosby/Garcia/Lesh/Hart)


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