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I first saw the Dead in the mud at Bickershawe in May 1972, and was so knocked out I went to all 4 Lyceum concerts in London later that month. I have been a Deadhead ever since, and saw them whenever they came to Europe, but sadly never managed a US tour.

I got fascinated by the imagery in Dead lyrics, and this project was born out of that. It took a long time in the gestation, mainly because I have had a succession of busy day jobs.

I was Principal Private Secretary to the (British) Prime Minister, first John Major and then Tony Blair after the Election. (It's the same job as 'Bernard' in 'Yes, Prime Minister' for those who watched that!).

Yes, Tony Blair's group at Oxford University was named "Ugly Rumours" after the cover of Mars Hotel, though it was another member of the group rather than him who was the Deadhead.

I was British High Commissioner (Ambassador) to Australia from November 1997 to January 2000, and then moved back to the UK to take up a job as the Government's first e-envoy. I subsequently moved back to Australia again, before returning to the UK in 2004 as the lead official at the Department for Constitutional Affairs, subsequently the Ministry of Justice. After that I was apponted Chairman of the UK's Joint Intelligence Committee. I retired at the end of 2011.

My personal website, with CV and contact details, is at


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