Acknowledgements, Thanks, Copyright, Etc

This project has been underway for some years. I originally planned to produce a printed Concordance to Grateful Dead Lyrics, but subsequently realised the Web was a more convenient way of publishing and updating it.

Much of the information on which songs were played when comes from DeadBase, an invaluable reference. Numbers of times played are mostly taken from DBX. I have amended or updated some of the information from material I have gathered from tapes, etc, and more recently from the DeadLists material.

Thanks to a large number of people who have helped with tapes of obscure songs and shows. Particular thanks to Thanks also to others who provided inspiration for this project: The information on this site is intended for private research only, and not for any commercial use. Original Grateful Dead songs are ©copyright Ice Nine Music; Dylan songs are ©copyright Dwarf Music; Beatles songs are ©copyright Northern Songs; and the copyright in the other songs is held by various publishers.


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