Robert Hunter Copyright Registrations At The Library Of Congress or with ASCAP

The Library of Congress provides online access to copyrights registered since 1978. This is a list of Robert Hunter lyrics that have been registered but which don't feature in "Box Of Rain", concert performances, CDs by other artists etc.
Title  Ref  Date Comments
Southern fried shuffle EU0000420099 1973-07-19 
George Buck's choice EU0000420100 1973-07-19 
Boats  EU0000420104 1973-07-19 (note 1)
W. VA steel guitar  EU0000420106 1973-07-19 (note 2)
Lullaby  EU0000420107 1973-07-19 (note 1)
Word  EU0000420110 1973-07-19 (note 1)
Ashman  PAu000648476 1995-08-31 (note 3)
Tribal Space  PAu002000271 1995-07-07 Music by Mickey Hart
What Happened  TXu000764171 1996-04-01 a 17 page collection of poems
Ain't No Doubt  PAu002548426 2000-11-13 (note 4)
Sally From The Alamo  PAu002548428 2000-11-13 (note 4)
East Tennessee Blues  PAu002548429 2000-11-13 (note 4)
Lily Claire  PAu002553072 2000-11-13 (note 4)
Wait Till Dreams Come True  PAu002553074 2000-11-13 (note 4)
Bar Fly  PAu002553076 2000-11-13 (note 4)
A Little Song  PAu002553078 2000-11-13 (note 4)
Paint This Town  PAu002553079 2000-11-13 (note 4)
Lucky At Love  PAu002553081 2000-11-13 (note 4)
I Can't Tell  PAu003775443 2012-12-05 Music by Jim Lauderdale
(1) see untitled album by Robert Hunter
(2) see Ballad Of Buddy Holly
(3) probably for the soundtrack of the movie "Armageddon Rag". The song Armageddon Rag was registered in 1984, described as "on 1 sound cassette + lyrics ... with Ragin' and Ashman." Hunter has performed Ragin' in solo concerts, but I've never seen any other references to Ashman (described in the registration as "lyrics with chord symbols). Of the other songs linked to the movie "Armageddon Rag", Resurrection Rag was also registered (separately) in 1984, as "words only". Blood On The Sheets, and Raise Your Arms, Clap Your Hands do not seem to have been registered.
(4) these lyrics were included in various registrations for songs where Jim Lauderdale wrote the music. So these may have been lyrics which Lauderdale decided not to set.

ASCAP has a listing of songs registered to Robert Hunter. These are the ones which don't seem to have been performed or recorded by Hunter or others:
TitleMusic by
DoggoBill Payne
Dragon AscendingBill Payne
Highway Of BloodBill Payne
Hit The StreetBill Payne
Rise And FallBill Payne
Shot In The BrainBill Payne
Stolen MomentsRobert Hunter
Waiting For The RainBill Payne
Walking In The WildBill Payne
You Don't Know NothingGreg Anton

ASCAP also has listing for Hunter/Anton compositions titled Mercury Blues and Friday's Child. Both songs were recorded by Zero, but are by other artists. I assume the ASCAP listing is a mistake.


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