Heart Of Gold Band Discography

This sets out which tracks are on which recordings by the "Heart Of Gold Band":
The Ghosts Playing In The Heart Of Gold Band(Whirled Records WWR 01967, LP only, released in 1984)
Heart Of Gold Band(Relix LP only, released in ?1986)
Double Dose(Relix LP, CD 2020 released in 1989) (note 1)
Heart Of Gold Band(GDCD 4060, released in 1998)

Song TitleGhostsHOGB LPDouble DoseHOGB CD
Built For Comfort Y  Y 
Creatures In The Night Y   
Golden Road Y  Y Y
Gomorrah    Y
House Of Wax Y  Y 
It Takes A ... Train To Cry  Y Y Y
Knockin' On Heaven's Door Y  Y Y
Lonesome Highway  Y Y Y
Maybellene   Y Y
Ready For Love Y  Y 
Ride Out Y  Y Y
Scarlet Begonias Y  Y Y
Show Boat    Y
Solid Rock Y  Y Y
Stir It Up  Y Y Y
Strange Man  Y Y Y
Watchin' The River Flow  Y Y Y

(1) This is a compilation of the first two LPs. It doesn't include "Creatures In The Night" from the "Ghosts" LP. But it does include "Maybelline" that wasn't on either of the LPs.


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