You Know I Will

Lyrics: Unknown
Music: Mickey Hart et al?

A song recorded by Mickey Hart and others as part of the Area Code 415 sessions in the early 1970s. The vocals are shared by Kathi McDonald and Jim McPherson.

If I could work a better way
If it brought a better day
You know I will
Honey, you know I will

If I can feel a better time
If I can give you more than mine
You know I will
Honey, you know I will

And when trouble come to get you
And makes you want to blow the stage
Well now, don't you worry
[?] help you right down on the trail

Yeah well I know what it's like
Out in the cold, mister
And it's harder still
You know I will
Honey I will

And when problems beset you
And everybody seems to laugh
Don't get in a tizzy, 'cause in a jiffy
I'm gonna get that monkey off your back

'Cause I know about the [?]
Out on the cold, sister
Harder still
You know I will
Oh baby I will

Let me tell you about it
You know I will
     Date Album Recorded By
     1972-73 Area Code 415 Mickey Hart and the Marin County Collective (unreleased)


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