Lyrics: John Barlow
Music: Bob Weir

First played by Bob Weir with Kingfish but then with the Grateful Dead and with his other solo bands. It was originally paired with Lazy Lightning but was then detached and played on its own.

Well dizzy ain't the word for the way that you making me feel now
Well I need some indication Lord that all of this is real now
You got to tell me girl
And I've heard it said there's something wrong with my head now
You got to help me girl
Could it be infatuation or am I just being misled
Little bolt of inspiration
The way you strike me now
It's sparking my imagination
You got to like me now
You're causing me such excitation
Don't you like it now
You got to hear my supplication
Got to hear me now
A little bolt of inspiration
The way you strike me now
It's sparking my imagination
Grateful Dead Recordings
     Date Album
      9 Jun 1976 Road Trips Volume 4, Number 5
     12 Jun 1976 30 Days Of The Dead (2011)
     17 Jun 1976 Dave's Picks Volume 28
     21 Jun 1976 Download Series Vol 4
     24 Sep 1976 Dave's Picks Vol 4 (note 5)
     25 Sep 1976 Dick's Picks Vol 20
     30 Sep 1976 30 Days Of The Dead (2014) (note 7)
      9 Oct 1976 Dick's Picks Vol 33
     25 Apr 1977 30 Trips Around The Sun
      5 May 1977 May 1977: Get Shown The Light Box
      8 May 1977 May 1977: Get Shown The Light Box
     11 May 1977 May 1977 Box Set
     15 May 1977 May 1977 Box Set
     22 May 1977 Dick's Picks Vol 3
     25 May 1977 Dave's Picks Volume 1 (note 6)
      8 Jun 1977 Winterland June 1977 - The Complete Recordings
      2 Nov 1977 Dick's Picks Vol 34
     31 Dec 1977 New Year's Eve At The Winterland
     22 Apr 1978 Dave's Picks Vol 15
     11 May 1978 Dick's Picks Vol 25
      5 Jul 1978 July 1978: The Complete Recordings
     30 Dec 1979 Road Trips Vol 3, No 1 (bonus disc)
      6 May 1980 Road Trips Volume 3, Number 4
     15 May 1980 Go To Nassau
      4 Sep 1980 Download Series Vol 7 (note 2)
     13 Oct 1980 Dead Set (note 3)
Bob Weir Recordings
     Date Album Recorded By
     studio 1976 Kingfish Kingfish (note 4)
      3 Apr 1976 In Concert (King Biscuit Flower Hour) Kingfish
Covers By Other Artists
     2004 Werewolves Of Atlanta: Halloween 2004 Dark Star Orchestra
     2008 Ithica 30 Years Later Dark Star Orchestra

(1) on bonus disc Spirit Of '76 issued with advance orders from GDStore
(2) jam only, no lyrics
(3) issued as a bonus track in the box set Beyond Description (1973-1990)
(4) also on the compilation Weir Here: The Best Of Bob Weir
(5) also on the bonus disc from Live At The Cow Palace
(6) also made available for download on 30 Days Of The Dead (2011)
(7) also included in 30 Days Of The Dead (2018)

Further Information
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