New Potato Caboose

Lyrics: Bobby Petersen
Music: Phil Lesh

Last leaf fallen, bare earth where green was born (note 1)
Above my doorknob, two eagles hang against a cloud (note 2)
Sun comes up blood red
Wind yells among the stone
All graceful instruments are known

When the windows all are broken
And your love's become a toothless crone
When the voices of the storm sound
Like a crowd
Winter morning breaks, you're all alone

The eyes are blind
Blue visions are all a seer can own
And touching makes the flesh to cry out loud
This ground on which the seed of love is sown
All graceful instruments are known
(1) a sheet of lyrics in Pigpen's handwriting offered for auction in 2008 has this line as "... bare earth where green was, bone"
(2) the lyrics in the "Anthology" songbook are "Black Madonna, two eagles ...". And the Pigpen handwritten lyrics mentioned in the note above have it as "Above Madonna, two eagles ..." But all the recordings sound like "Above my doorknob ..." - and it seems this may be a reference to a stained glass panel of two eagles and a cloud set in a door in the Dead's house.

Grateful Dead Recordings
     Date Album
      1967-68 Anthem Of The Sun (note 3)
      4 Aug 1967 30 Days Of The Dead (2010)
     10 Nov 1967 30 Trips Around The Sun
     27 Oct 1978 30 Days Of The Dead (2011)
     30 Jan 1968 Road Trips Volume 2, Number 2 (bonus disc)
     14 Feb 1968 Road Trips Volume 2, Number 2
     24 Feb 1968 Dick's Picks Vol 22
     17 Mar 1968 Download Series Vol 6
     24 Aug 1968 Two From The Vault
      1 Mar 1969 Fillmore West 1969 - The Complete Recordings
      8 Jun 1969 Fillmore West 1969 - The Complete Recordings (note 2) (note 4)
      4 Jun 1999 Love Will See You Through (Phil Lesh & Friends)
      3 Jul 2015 Fare Thee Well (CD and DVD)

Recordings from Tapers Section

"The Dead" Concert Recordings

Phil Lesh and Friends Digital Download Series

Furthur Digital Downloads and CDs
(2) released on the bonus disc issued with advance orders
(3) New Potato Caboose features on the Ralph Gleason DVD "West Pole", but this is just some video effects set to the studio version from Anthem of the Sun.
(4) also on 30 Days Of The Dead (2015)

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