Lazy Bones

Lyrics: Johnny Mercer
Music: Hoagy Carmichael

Played by Jerry Garcia with Melvin Seals in the JGB. Thanks to Ed O'Connor for checking the lyrics.

Lazy bones, sleepin' in the sun
How you 'spect to get your day's work done?
Never get your day's work done
Sleepin' in the noonday sun

Lazy bones, sleepin' in the shade
How you 'spect to get your corn meal made?
Never get your corn meal made
Sleepin' in the evening shade

When taters need sprayin'
I bet you keep prayin'
Worms fall off of the vine
And when you go fishin'
I bet you'll be wishin'
Fish would jump on the line

Lazy bones, dozin' through the day
How you 'spect to make a dime that way?
Never make a dime that way
Never heard a word I say

Further Information
For sheet music, see:
          Jerry Garcia Songbook (vocal line and chords)


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