Christmas Time's A-Comin'

Lyrics: Tex Logan
Music: Tex Logan

Played by the Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band on 6 December 1987. Thanks to Jeff Harter for the lyrics.

Sandy Rothman wrote this about the performance:

"For us in the Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band, performing Bill Monroe's seasonal classic "Christmas Time's A-Comin'" (recorded originally in 1951) was an in-the-moment decision. We were playing the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles in December of 1987, having come back to the West Coast after our unforgettable Broadway run, and were starting to feel that old holiday feeling - inspired by Jerry's well-known love of Christmas. We had Kenny Koser with us, a fiddler who plays the melody beautifully. I suggested the song while we were warming up. We ran through the chorus and Jerry wrote the title on the set list. We were definitely in our usual seat-of-the-pants mode, so not every word in the verses may be in place - but it was great fun to sing."
Holly's in the window
Homeward the wind blows
Can't walk for runnin'
Christmas time's a-comin'

Can't you hear them bells ringin' ringin'
Joy don'tcha hear them singin'
When it's snowin' I'll be goin'
Back to my country home

Christmas time's a-comin'
Christmas time's a-comin'
Christmas time's a-comin'
And I know I'm goin' home

White candle's burnin'
My old heart's a-yearnin'
For the folks at home when
Christmas time's a-comin'


Snow flake's a-fallin'
My old heart's a-callin'
Tall pine's a-hummin'
Christmas time's a-comin'


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