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-"Lyric quiz"just for fun
-"Find GD originals" eg what songs by Brent did the Grateful Dead perform?
-"Find GD covers" eg how many Dylan songs did Weir sing with the Grateful Dead?
-"Find guest songs" eg what songs did Joan Baez sing with the Grateful Dead?
-"Post-GD" which Grateful Dead songs have (or have not) been played by Ratdog, Phil & Friends etc?
-"Pre-GD" which songs were played by Jerry Garcia and others before the Grateful Dead was formed?
-"Jerry Garcia" what songs did Jerry play with JGB, OITW etc?
-"Bob Weir" what songs has Bob played with Ratdog, Kingfish etc?
-"Phil Lesh" what songs have been played by Phil & Friends?
-"Mickey Hart" what songs has Mickey played with Mystery Box, Rhythm Devils, MHB etc?
-"Robert Hunter" find songs Hunter has written for other artists or performed solo
-"Fare Thee Well" what songs were played at the Fare Thee Well shows in 2015?
-"Others" what songs were played by Keith & Donna, Pigpen, Brent, New Riders etc?
-"Discography" lots of information about recordings by the Grateful Dead
-"Miscellany" information about soundchecks, Dylan songs etc

Last updated 13 Jul 2016

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