Who Played On What Album?

This table shows who played on what album (live, studio and video).

Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh and Bill Kreutzmann played on all these albums: the table lists other members of the band. See key at end.

The albums are listed by when they were recorded rather than when they were released.
1965-66The Birth Of The Dead Y      (a)
1966Rare Cuts And Oddities Y       
196630 Trips Around The Sun Y       
1966The Grateful Dead: 50th Anniversary Edition Y       
1967The Grateful Dead Y       
1967Anthem Of The Sun (2018 bonus disc)YY       
196730 Trips Around The SunYY       
1968Anthem Of The SunYYY      
1968Road Trips Volume 2, Number 2YY       
1968Dick's Picks 22YY       
1968Download Series Vol 6YY       
1968Two From The VaultYY       
196830 Trips Around The SunYY       
1969Live DeadYYY      
1969Fillmore East 2-11-69YYY      
196930 Trips Around The SunYYY      
1969Fillmore West 1969YYY      
1969Download Series Vol 12YYY      
1969Dick's Picks 26YYY      
1969Road Trips Vol 4 No 1YYY      
1969Dick's Picks 16YYY      
1969Dave's Picks Volume 10YYY     (h)
1969Dave's Picks Volume 6YYY     (h)
1970Dave's Picks Volume 30YYY     
1970Download Series Vol 2YYY      
1970Dave's Picks Volume 19YYY      
1970Workingman's DeadYY       
1970Bear's ChoiceYY       
1970Download Series: A Night At The Family DogYY       
1970Dick's Picks Vol 4YY       
197030 Trips Around The SunYY       
1970American BeautyYY       
1970Family Dog at the Great HighwayYY       
1970Dick's Picks Vol 8YY       
1970Road Trips Vol 3 No 3YY       
1971Three From The Vault Y      (b)
1971Skull And Roses Y      (b)
197130 Trips Around The Sun Y      (b)
1971Ladies And Gentlemen YY     (c)
1971Winterland 1971 Y       
1971Road Trips Vol 1, Number 3 Y       
1971Dick's Picks Vol 35 Y       
1971Dave's Picks Vol 3   Y     
1971Download Series Vol 3   Y     
1971Dick's Picks Vol 2   Y     
1971Road Trips Vol 3, Number 2   Y     
1971Dave's Picks Vol 26 Y Y    (k)
1971Dave's Picks Vol 22 Y Y     
1972Dick's Picks Vol 30 Y YY    
1972Dave's Picks Vol 14 Y YY    
1972Rockin' The Rhein Y YY    
1972Hundred Year Hall Y YY    
1972Europe '72 Y YY   (d)
1972Steppin' Out ... Y YY    
1972Europe '72 - The Complete Recordings Y YY    
1972Download Series Vol 10   YY    
1972Dave's Picks Volume 24   YY    
1972Sunshine Daydream   YY    
1972Dick's Picks Vol 23   YY    
1972Dick's Picks Vol 36   YY    
197230 Trips Around The Sun   YY    
1972Dick's Picks Vol 11   YY    
1972Dave's Picks Volume 11   YY    
1972Houston, Texas 11-18-1972   YY    
1973Dick's Picks Vol 28   YY    
1973Dave's Picks Vol 16   YY    
1973Dave's Picks Vol 21   YY    
1973Wake Of The Flood   YY    
1973Pacific Northwest '73-'74   YY    
1973Dick's Picks Vol 19   YY    
1973Winterland 1973 - The Complete Recordings   YY    
197330 Trips Around The Sun   YY    
1973Dave's Picks Vol 5   YY    
1973Road Trips Vol 4, Number 3   YY    
1973Dick's Picks Vol 14   Y     
1973Download Series Vol 8   YY    
1973Dick's Picks Vol 1   YY    
1974Dave's Picks Volume 13   YY    
1974Dick's Picks Vol 24   YY    
1974Dave's Picks Volume 9   YY    
1974Pacific Northwest '73-'74   YY    
1974Road Trips Vol 2, Number 3   YY    
1974Dick's Picks Vol 12   YY    
1974Dave's Picks Volume 17   YY    
1974Dave's Picks Vol 2   YY    
1974Dick's Picks Vol 31   YY    
1974Dick's Picks Vol 7   YY    
197430 Trips Around The Sun   YY    
1974From The Mars Hotel   YY    
1974Grateful Dead Movie (video/DVD/CD)Y  YY   (e)
1974Steal Your FaceY  YY   (e)
1975One From The VaultY  YY    
197530 Trips Around The SunY  YY    
1975Blues For AllahY  YY    
1976Road Trips Volume 4 Number 5Y  YY    
1976Dave's Picks Volume 28Y  YY    
1976Download series Vol 4Y  YY    
1976Dave's Picks Vol 18Y  YY    
1976Dave's Picks Vol 4Y  YY    
1976Dick's Picks Vol 20Y  YY    
197630 Trips Around The SunY  YY    
1976Dick's Picks Vol 33Y  YY    
1976Live At The Cow PalaceY  YY    
1977Dave's Pibks Volume 29Y  YY    
197730 Trips Around The SunY  YY    
1977Download series Vol 1Y  YY    
1977May 1977: Get Shown The Light BoxY  YY    
1977May 1977 Box SetY  YY    
1977Dick's Picks Vol 29Y  YY    
1977Dick's Picks Vol 3Y  YY    
1977Dave's Picks Volume 1Y  YY    
1977To Terrapin: Hartford '77Y  YY    
1977Winterland June 1977 - The Complete RecordingsY  YY    
1977Terrapin StationY  YY    
1977Dick's Picks Vol 15Y  YY    
1977Road Trips Volume 1 Number 2Y  YY    
1977Dave's Picks Volume 12Y  YY    
1977Dick's Picks Vol 34Y  YY    
1977Dave's Picks Volume 25Y  YY    
1977Dick's Picks Vol 10Y  YY    
1978Shakedown StreetY  YY    
1978Dave's Picks Vol 23Y  YY    
1978Dick's Picks Vol 18Y  YY    
1978Dave's Picks Vol 15Y  YY    
1978Dave's Picks Vol 7Y  YY    
1978Dick's Picks Vol 25Y  YY    
197830 Trips Around The SunY  YY    
1978July 1978: The Complete RecordingsY  YY    
1978Rocking The Cradle: Egypt 1978 (dvd/cd)Y  YY    
1978Road Trips Volume 1, Number 4 ("From Egypt With Love")Y  YY    
1978The Closing Of Winterland (dvd/cd)Y  YY    
1979Live At The ColiseumY    Y   
197930 Trips Around The SunY    Y   
1979Road Trips Volume 1 Number 1Y    Y   
1979Road Trips Full Show: Spectrum 11/5/79Y    Y   
1979Road Trips Full Show: Spectrum 11/6/79Y    Y   
1979Dick's Picks Vol 5Y    Y   
1979Road Trips Volume 3, Number 1Y    Y   
1980Road Trips Volume 3, Number 4Y    Y   
1980Go To NassauY    Y   
1980Download Series Vol 7Y    Y   
1980ReckoningY    Y   
1980The Warfield, San Francisco, CA 10/9/80 & 10/10/80Y    Y   
1980Dead SetY    Y   
1980Go To HeavenY    Y   
1980Dead Ahead (video)Y    Y   
198030 Trips Around The SunY    Y   
1980Dave's Picks Volume 8 Y    Y   
1981Dick's Picks Vol 13Y    Y   
198130 Trips Around The SunY    Y   
1981Dave's Picks Volume 20Y    Y   
1982Road Trips Volume 4, Number 4Y    Y   
198230 Trips Around The SunY    Y   
1982Dick's Picks Vol 32Y    Y   
1983Dave's Picks Vol 27Y    Y   
1983Dick's Picks Vol 6Y    Y   
198330 Trips Around The SunY    Y   
198430 Trips Around The SunY    Y   
198530 Trips Around The SunY    Y   
1985Dick's Picks Vol 21Y    Y   
198630 Trips Around The SunY    Y   
1987Dylan And The DeadY    Y   
1987View From The Vault IV (dvd/cd)Y    Y   
198730 Trips Around The SunY    Y   
1987In The DarkY    Y   
1987Ticket To New Year's (dvd/video)Y    Y   
1988Download Series Vol 5Y    Y   
1988Road Trips Volume 4, Number 2Y    Y   
1988Live From Saratoga June 1988Y    Y   
198830 Trips Around The SunY    Y   
1989Build To LastY    Y   
1989Download Series Vol 9Y    Y   
1989Truckin' Up To Buffalo (dvd/cd)Y    Y   
1989Crimson, White and Indigo (dvd/cd)Y    Y   
1989RFK Stadium 1989 BoxY    Y  Y(j)
1989Downhill From Here (dvd/video)Y    Y   
1989Without A NetY    Y  (f)
1989Warlocks BoxY    Y   
1989Nightfall Of DiamondsY    Y   
198930 Trips Around The SunY    Y   
1990Terrapin Station (Limited Edition)Y    Y   
1990Spring 1990 (The Other One)Y    Y   
1990Spring 1990Y    Y   
1990Dozin' At The KnickY    Y   
1990View From The Vault III (dvd/cd)Y    Y   
1990View From The Vault (dvd/cd)Y    Y   
1990Dick's Picks Vol 9Y     YY 
1990Road Trips Volume 2, Number 1Y     YY 
199030 Trips Around The SunY     YY 
1991View From The Vault II (dvd/cd)Y     YY(g)
1991Download Series Vol 11Y     YY 
199030 Trips Around The SunY     YY(i)
1991Dick's Picks Vol 17Y     YY 
199030 Trips Around The SunY     YY 
1992Dick's Picks Vol 27Y     Y  
199330 Trips Around The SunY     Y  
1993Road Trips Volume 2, Number 4Y     Y  
199430 Trips Around The SunY     Y  
199530 Trips Around The SunY     Y  


MH:Mickey Hart 
PP:Pigpen (Ron McKernan) 
TC:Tom Constanten 
KG:Keith Godchaux 
DG:Donna Godchaux 
BM:Brent Mydland 
VW:Vince Welnick 
BH:Bruce Hornsby 
(a) These are the two new albums originally included in the Rhino box set "The Golden Road (1965-1973)", but now also issued separately
(b) Merl Saunders overdubbed organ on Bertha, Playing In The Band and Wharf Rat
(c) Tom Constanten appears as a guest on Dark Star, St Stephen, Not Fade Away and GDTRFB
(d) Merl Saunders overdubbed organ on some tracks
(e) Mickey Hart played with the Dead on some songs on 20 October 1974, including "Promised Land" on "Steal Your Face," "Johnny B Goode" on "The Grateful Dead Movie," and most of the songs on the fifth CD on the companion CD to "The Grateful Dead Movie." He did not play on the tracks on those releases from earlier dates in the Winterland run.
(f) Branford Marsalis plays saxophone on Eyes Of The World
(g) the filler is from 1990, with Brent Mydland playing and not Vince Welnick nor Bruce Hornsby
(h) this release is two shows: 20 Dec 1969 and 2 Feb 1970. Tom Constanten played on the first but not the second show.
(i) with Branford Marsalis on saxophone
(j) Bruce Hornsby sat in on some songs
(k) Pigpen didn't play in the recording from 17 Nov 1971 but did play on the portion from 14 Dec 1971 (and on the bonus disc with the rest of that show)


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