Strange World

Lyrics: Mickey Hart
Music: Mickey Hart, Warren Haynes

This was originally played by the Mickey Hart Band in 2000, and then revived by The Dead in 2004. With Warren Haynes and Bob Weir sharing the lyrics. The title appears as "Living In A Strange World" in some setlists.

Strange world
Time's running out
It's crazy
Make me want to shout

No escape
Nowhere to turn
Clock keep ticking, ticking, ticking
No money to burn

Living in a strange world
Oh, oh, oh
Living in a strange world
Oh, oh, oh
Living in a strange world
Oh, oh, oh

And desolation
It's a cruel world
There's so much frustration

The world's going mad
It's getting real bad
Oh, it's getting real bad


Don't give up without a fight
You know everything's gonna be all right
You got to be strong to survive
Got to keep hope alive
Keep hope alive

Is an act of fate, an act of fate
The sun comes up tomorrow, up tomorrow
It's never too late, it's never too late
Never too late


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