Row Jimmy

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Jerry Garcia

Introduced by the Grateful Dead in early 1973. See Fair To Even Odds for Hunter's comments on the origins of the title.

Julie catch a rabbit by his hair
Come back step, like to walk on air (note 1)
Get back home where you belong
And don't you run off no more

Don't hang your head, let the two-time roll
Grass shack nailed to a pine wood floor
Ask the time baby I don't know
Come back later, gonna let it show

And I say row, Jimmy, row
Gonna get there, I don't know
Seems a common way to go
Get down and row, row, row, row, row

Here's a half a dollar if you dare (note 2)
Double twist when you hit the air
Look at Julie down below
The levee doing the dopaso


Broken heart don't feel so bad
You ain't got half of what you thought you had
Rock your baby to and fro
Not too fast and not too slow


That's the way it's been in town
Ever since they tore the juke box down
Two bit piece don't buy no more
Not so much as it done before

(1) this is as Hunter has the lyrics in "Box Of Rain", but the sheet music has "Come back steppin' like to walk on air." It's almost impossible to distinguish which Garcia sings, but I'll believe "step."
(2) Hunter has "Here's my half a dollar ..." and that's what Garcia sings in early performances (eg 28 Feb 1973 on Dick's Picks 28). But sometime later Garcia changed it to "a half a dollar" - eg on "Wake Of The Flood."

Grateful Dead Recordings
     Date Album
     studio 1973 Wake Of The Flood
     28 Feb 1973 Dick's Picks Vol 28
     28 Mar 1973 Dave's Picks Volume 16
      2 Apr 1973 Dave's Picks Volume 21
     22 Jun 1973 Pacific Northwest '73-'74
     24 Jun 1973 Pacific Northwest '73-'74
     26 Jun 1973 Pacific Northwest '73-'74
     19 Oct 1973 Dick's Picks Vol 19
      9 Nov 1973 Winterland 1973 - The Complete Recordings
     10 Nov 1973 Winterland 1973 - The Complete Recordings
     14 Nov 1973 30 Trips Around The Sun
     17 Nov 1973 Dave's Picks Volume 5
     10 Dec 1973 Download Series Vol 8
     24 Feb 1974 Dave's Picks Volume 13
     14 May 1974 Dave's Picks Volume 9 (note 3)
     17 May 1974 Pacific Northwest '73-'74
     21 May 1974 Pacific Northwest '73-'74
     28 Jun 1974 Dick's Picks Vol 12
     19 Jul 1974 Dave's Picks Volume 17
     31 Jul 1974 Dave's Picks Volume 2
      9 Sep 1974 Dick's Picks Vol 7
     18 Sep 1974 30 Trips Around The Sun
     17 Jun 1976 Dave's Picks Volume 28
     18 Jun 1976 Download Series Vol 4
     24 Sep 1976 Dave's Picks Vol 4
      8 May 1977 May 1977: Get Shown The Light Box
     15 May 1977 May 1977 Box Set
     19 May 1977 Dick's Picks Vol 29
     21 May 1977 Dick's Picks Vol 29
     28 May 1977 To Terrapin: Hartford '77
      8 Jun 1977 Winterland June 1977 - The Complete Recordings
     22 Jan 1978 Dave's Picks Volume 23
      4 Feb 1978 30 Days Of The Dead (2014)
     16 Sep 1978 Rocking The Cradle: Egypt 1978 (CD and DVD)
     28 Dec 1979 Road Trips Vol 3, No 1
      7 May 1980 Road Trips Volume 3, Number 4
     10 Oct 1980 Dead Set (note 4)
      4 Jul 1989 Truckin' Up To Buffalo (DVD & CD soundtrack)
      9 Oct 1989 Warlocks Box
     14 Mar 1990 Spring 1990 (The Other One)
     26 Mar 1990 Dozin' At The Knick (note 5)
      3 Apr 1990 Spring 1990 (The Other One)
      8 Jul 1990 View From The Vault (video/DVD & CD soundtrack)
     14 Jun 1991 View From The Vault II (video/DVD & CD soundtrack)
     16 Dec 1992 Dick's Picks Vol 27
(Plus live recordings by The Dead, Furthur, Dead & Company, Ratdog, Phil Lesh & Friends etc not listed here. See Grateful Dead Family Discography for a full list.)
Other Recordings
     Date Album Recorded By
     1993 The Best Of All Possible Worlds Bowers & Winston
     1996 Fire On The Mountain Vol 1 Reggae Celebrates The Grateful Dead (Judy Mowatt)
     1999 Laughing Water Jazz Is Dead
     2000 Grass Is Dead Crazy Fingers
     2000 Wake The Dead Danny Carnahan et al
     16 Feb 2005 Live: Montgomery, AL Bruce Hornsby (note 6)
     2008 Ithica 30 Years Later Dark Star Orchestra
     2010 At Page Auditorium, Duke University The American Beauty Project
     2010 January Hymn The Decemberists (B-side of 7" single)
     2010 Acoustic Andrew Luttrell & Shane Grimm
     2012 A Word Child Susan Kane
     2013 Keys Keller Willams
     2013 First Rehearsals Sycamore Slough String Band
     2015 Punk Is Dead Punk Is Dead
     2015 Songs Of Their Own Fiver Brown
     2016 Livin' Free Roots Of Creation
     2016 Better Left Unsung Holly Bowling
     2018 Grateful Dub Roots of Creation

(3) also released on 30 Days Of The Dead (2012)
(4) issued as a bonus track in the box set Beyond Description (1973-1990)
(5) also on the box set Spring 1990
(6) The list above includes only one illustrative example of the series of live recordings by these artists. For a full list see the Grateful Dead Family Discography.

Further Information
For an online discussion of the lyrics to this song see the deadsongs.vue conference on The Well.
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography
For information on references in the lyrics see David Dodd's Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics
For online chords and TAB see
For sheet music, see:
          Grateful Dead Anthology Volume 1 (piano arrangement)
          Grateful Dead Songbook Volume 2 (piano arrangement)
          Garcia/Hunter Songbook (vocal line and chords/TAB)


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